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Those of you who know me well, will attest to fact that I’ve always been one to celebrate life’s small wins. Celebrating small wins is an extremely important way to track incremental achievements and way to work toward much larger goals. It is also a way to focus on positive thinking which promotes good mental wellness. Celebrate life’s small wins with Comfort & smell like success.

Celebrates life’s small wins

Instead of piling on the pressure, our focus should be on the little steps which lead us to where we want to be. While 2020 has been an interesting and challenging year, I made a concerted effort to celebrate life’s small wins.

  • A started a garden
  • Launched an online store
  • Published a recipe book
  • Started homeschooling my kids
  • Got back into my fitness routine
  • I finally learnt to enjoy sleeping which has helped improve my health

There is immense value in saluting life’s little victories and by doing this, I remain positive and steadily on track with my goals. That is why Comfort is encouraging you to step back, catch your breath and celebrate the small wins in everyday life.

“We all deserve to reward ourselves when we achieve something, no matter how tiny. That’s especially important during these days when we might feel despondent or melancholic at times. Studies have proven the power of fragrance to lift our spirits, and that is why we’re encouraging you to celebrate those special moments which bring everyone a sense of Comfort,” says Ilze Visser, Brand Manager for Comfort South Africa.

There’s no better way to smell like success than Comfort Perfume Deluxe. The range is inspired by the latest trends in fine fragrance and comes in three variants.

  • Divine Petals
  • Heavenly Nectar
  • Lily

Comfort Perfume Deluxe, which offers premium fragrances crafted by perfume experts, is the latest addition to Comfort’s Concentrated range.
The luxury fabric conditioner not only makes your clothes soft and smell fresh, but cares. Comfort cares for your clothes by protecting their colour, maintaining the shape and making clothes easier to iron.

Comfort #SmellLikeSuccess Giveaway

The Comfort Perfume Deluxe range is available nationwide at all leading supermarkets. But 3 lucky readers stand a chance to Win a Year’s supply of Comfort Fabric Conditioner. All you need to do is follow the rules and enter on the respective Instagram and Facebook posts.

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