Busy Corner is an African cuisine restaurant based in the heart of Tembisa, Midrand that celebrates the authentic African culture, heritage and lifestyle. From very humble beginnings of a container, this restaurant has transformed into what it is today. I was introduced to Busy Corner soon after my return toContinue Reading

Maboneng Precinct found in downtown Johannesburg, South Africa is a place that truly sets my heart on fire and makes my soul sing. It is a happy place for any creative out there. “There are far, far better things ahead than we leave behind” – CS Lewis This once declaredContinue Reading

The festive season has always been extremely traditional with the same routine year after year. Hours spent cooking, entertaining, overindulging and with very little exercise, and the grand Christmas feast being the highlight of course.  This year however, close friends of ours invited us to join them on a campingContinue Reading