travel with friend

Over the past few months I kept coming across articles that discuss the benefits of travelling with a friend. In fact research shows that travelling with a friend is amazing for your health. Proof is always in the pudding, so I needed to put this theory to the test and that is exactly what I did.

road trip with teens

Firstly, let’s keep it real for second … dealing with teens on any given day can be challenging, now throw in a mix of travel and we have a totally different ball game. My boys are 15 and 11 years old and can drive each other insane for no apparent reason, so putting them together in a confined space is asking for trouble.


This past weekend I abandoned ship and went on a Girls Weekend Away. We didn’t venture too far and opted for a #shotleft just here in Centurion. The idea was to get away to have some fun and relax without breaking the bank. Little did we know how much weContinue Reading