#TeamUp 2018 Winner Announcement by BOS Sport

BOS Sport has been running a competition over the past few months to motivate school going kids to get up, get active and #TeamUp with their fellow school mates.  Teams had to create a unique profile, get people to vote for them and take part in team challenges which would then earn them extra votes. The school teams with the most votes at the end of the campaign would win incredible prizes.

BOS_Sport_bottle line up.png
BOS Sport believes that sport is the vehicle to unite and inspire youth, instilling in them the powerful values of commitment, perseverance and teamwork.

This fantastic campaign was developed to reward school sport teams who show a passion for their team and sport, no matter what the result.  The entries submitted were a clear indication of both immense passion and team work that exists in many of our South African schools.  This December sees the #TeamUp competition come to a close.

Time to Announce the Winners

Drum roll please …

The school team with the most votes is Winston Park 1st Team Rugby. They racked up 1702 votes and received a total of R20 000 (R10 000 for the school and R10 000 for the team).  In addition to the prize money the team also won 10 cases of BOS Sport.  Kuswag 7’s Skummels scooped second place by racking up 1577 votes. They won a total of R10 000 (R5000 for the school and R5000 for the team), as well as 10 cases of BOS Sport.  Third place goes to Montagu Laerskool O/13 A Rugby who received a total of 745 votes, which earned them a prize which consists of R2000 for the team, R2000 for the school and 10 cases of BOS Sport.

The BOS SPORT Team Up initiative is an incredible programme for schools which managed to achieve its goal to encourage sport teams and sporting individuals to rally support by showcasing their skills, passion for the game, and team spirit.


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NPL, The Supplement Range That is Helping Me Achieve Great Results

I started my weight loss journey in January 2017 and never used supplements as I didn’t feel the need.  By October last year I hit a serious plateau.  Months had passed and my efforts proved futile.  In June 2018 when I was named the Face & Body of FIBO Global Fitness Africa, I realised that I needed the added advantage to help me achieve my goals in 4 short months.  I teamed up with NPL and started using their products.

Not all supplements are created equal

NPL is a South African brand making fitness supplements in an approved manufacturing facility for the best quality.  NPL also happens to be one of first sports Nutrition companies to step up and provide high quality products to consumers with full transparency. A strict Non-Proprietary Blend Policy means everything in the product is disclosed to you.  This gives me the peace of mind and reassurance I need, as I’m all about knowing fully well what I’m putting into my body.

My supplement regime

My supplement regime isn’t overly complicated and even with my hectic lifestyle it has been exceptionally easy to incorporate into my life.  Here’s the low down on the supplements I use daily.



  • Liquid fat burner
  • Supports fat metabolism
  • Energy production
  • Mental focus
  • Zero sugar
  • Zero calories
  • Sweetened with stevia

This powerful fat burner aids in encouraging your body to utilize fat as energy. As well as a fat burning enhancer, it increases one’s recovery rate after exercise, decreases exercised induced muscle damage and decreases muscle soreness. It is even an antioxidant which helps stabilize blood sugar levels thereby reducing cravings, especially on a low carbohydrate diet.

CLA Ultra

  • Targeted weight reduction
  • Supports weight management
  • Supports the breakdown of fat stores
  • Supports healthy cholesterol levels
  • Stimulant free

Supplementing with CLA may have a significant impact on how the body utilizes and deposits fat. Studies suggest that CLA supplementation can help reduce body fat and increase lean muscle mass (especially in leg and abdominal areas). CLA is free from stimulants and has shown to reduce cholesterol levels

Amino Burn

  • Essential amino acids
  • Supports lean muscle growth
  • Speeds up recovery
  • Supports metabolic function
  • Increases fat loss
  • Increases energy
  • Enhances mental focus
  • Zero carbs
  • Zero sugar

Amino Burn tastes amazing and increases energy.  It helps improve recovery and promote fat burning. It can be used anytime throughout the day to boost mental focus and enhance metabolic function.

Thermo Fuel

  • Extreme energy
  • Mental focus
  • Weight control
  • Appetite control
  • Appetite control

Thermo Fuel is an enhanced weight control aid, designed to target body fat and preserve lean muscle. It basically increases core body temperature in order to accelerate your metabolism.  It also increases the levels of focus and energy.

Platinum Whey

  • Low carb
  • Great taste
  • Excellent source of protein
  • Improves muscle recovery
  • Promotes lean muscle mass

Whey protein contains all nine essential amino acids. It’s high in BCAA’s which are necessary for stimulating muscle protein synthesis following training or exercise, and therefore important for muscle growth.

My Overall Review

After using these products daily for the past 5 months, the first thing I noticed was an insane increase in my energy levels.  At the age of 41, energy levels really take a beating but using NPL has definitely given me the edge.  I have also noticed better concentration and focus throughout my day which are areas are normally struggle with.  All the products that I use taste amazing and there’s no aftertaste.  I started every single morning by hopping out of bed to take a tablespoon of L-Carnitine on an empty tummy prior to smashing out a cardio session.  I have on occasion used the Whey to bake with or create healthy snacks.  I love the taste of the Platinum Whey which also keeps me full and curbs my cravings.  The Thermo Fuel was hectic in the beginning but I was weaned onto it over a two-week period and my body soon adjusted.  As for the Amino burn well I add it to my water and sip on it all day long.  It tastes great and really helps me meet my water quota for the day.

I’m beyond happy with the NPL products because I’ve seen so many incredible differences that I just can’t ignore it.  Best of all, as each day passes I see how my body is transforming and  that is why I highly recommend NPL supplements.  If you are unsure but would love to try out some of their products, I’d recommend you follow their Instagram pages to find out where the #YellowArmy team will be next.


I wanted to share the love so I’m giving one lucky winner the opportunity on win an incredible NPL supplement stack that will see you take your body to the next level.  To enter simply follow the rules on Facebook and Instagram.  Good luck lovelies

4000 Followers Giveaway

Should you have any queries regarding NPL or supplements in general, please pop them in the comments and we will do our best to respond with all the deets.




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My 10-year-old and I faced our fears together

I recently took the boys on a Mom and Sons weekend away. We are a crazy yet fun threesome who love new experiences. Let’s just say we are a bucket list family who plan to bring you many more adventures. So, off we headed to the quaint little town of Cullinan, but we were not in search of diamonds. We were in search of adventure and exploration.

You can read more about our entire weekend away to Cullinan on my blog post Sho’t Left to a little town called Cullinan, but now I’m going to share the decision we made to face our fears.

Ashton, my 14-year-old is an adrenaline junkie who doesn’t fear much. He’s a thrill seeker who’s ever-ready to try the most daring thing out there. Skylar on the other hand, (my little baby … okay, not so little, as he is 10-years-old), is afraid of almost everything. In fact, Sky and I are a lot alike in this respect, but we decided a few years ago, that every adventure requires that we challenge ourselves to step outside our comfort zones.

We headed to Adventure Zone Cullinan and signed up for Ziplining. Ziplining, when 2 of the 3 of us are terrified of heights! How incredibly brave are we ??

Anyways, we arrived and were suited up with safety harnesses, helmets and gloves. As a person who works in the Quality and Safety environment on a daily basis, I asked the necessary questions like :-

  • When last were the harnesses load checked
  • What were the weight limitations? (apparently the straps can carry the weight of a bakkie, so I was good)
  • What if we got stuck in the middle? (my biggest fear)
  • Why was it so windy?

All my questions were answered without any hesitation during the safety briefing. Our group then climbed onto a truck and we made our way to the first zipline. At this point, I thought I had the option to choose the zipline of my choice, but I was wrong. Four ziplines formed part of the adventure and it was an “all in” commitment that was required. I had already paid, so there was no turning back. Oh, and talking about paying … we made use of the Entertainer App’s buy 1 get 1 free deal for the Adventure Zone. Yay, for saving money on a weekend away.

As we approached the first tower it dawned on me that I was adventuring alone with the boys. I was faced with choices of who would go first, was the line secure, what if Sky decided to bail at the last-minute. Was I being paranoid, over-protective or just being a mom whose instincts naturally kicked in??

I eventually calmed down and sent Ashton on his way, who faced his first zipline without any hesitation. Then it was Sky’s turn, but he panicked the moment he set foot onto the platform. He started hyperventilating and wanted to cry. He insisted that I go first, but how could I go first and leave him behind. Chances are he would panic again and derail the process for everyone. So with a stern mom-voice and darting eyes we got him secured onto the line. He looked at me and begged to get off. The guide then looked at me wanting a decision to made …. and then my mom instincts to protect and nurture disappeared for a second. A nod of the head gave our guide the go ahead to let him go. My heart sank for a split second as there was complete silence as he was pushed on his way, and then I heard a scream of exhilaration. He was good and made it safely to the other side without getting stuck along the way.

I was relieved but now it was my turn. I freaked out and I couldn’t do it. I was standing on the platform losing my mind and the guide said to me, “Your kids just did this. There’s no way you are going to bail”. I was honestly terrified, but I had no choice. I guess the saying “Don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you” applied. As my foot left the platform I felt my heart rate increase as my body temperature rose. I’m very sure I held my breath for a few seconds, but before I knew it I was enjoying the zipline. It was pretty damn amazing and the view was incredible. As I reached the boys, their faces were beaming and they were pumped. They were so happy and thoroughly enjoyed the first zipline. They are always inpressed and proud when I try out activities with them.

Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children. – Charles Swindoll

We continued onto the next 3 ziplines. The speeds varied on each zipline and weirdly enough the fastest one was my favourite. I was utterly relieved that we chose to go through with the experience and face our fears. Had we not have pushed ourselves, we would have missed out on an amazing experience.

I’m the kind of mom who doesn’t mollycoddle her kids. It’s a tough world out there and I strongly believe that it’s my duty to challenge my kids; to push them to function and think in situations of difficulty and uncomfortableness. It is my duty as a parent to use every opportunity possible to prepare them for life as an adult. I want them to have inquirying minds and souls. I want them to live with adventure in their hearts and an appreciation for the beauty that exists in the simple pleasures life has to offer.

Disclaimer : This is in no way a sponsored post.


World Diabetes Day 2018 Focuses on Family Health

November is diabetes awareness month and today, 14 November 2018 sees International World Diabetes Day focus on family health.  An issue very close to my heart for two reasons.  Firstly, because 23 months ago doctors told me I was a borderline diabetic. Secondly, because my family’s health is my greatest priority.

I’m of Indian descent which makes me have a higher genetic predisposition to diabetes.  Many South African families sit in the same boat.  Is it partly genetic, partly culture that we have to blame?  Us South Africans have a tendency of showering each other with sweet treats, unhealthy snack foods and TV and computer games is seen as a sign of love.  However, this unhealthy eating and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle could be contributing to the steady increase in diabetes, which is threatening the health and lives of people around the world.

“This international Diabetes Day, South Africans should consider ways to love their families to a state of peak health”, says Novartis South Africa.

According to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), around 15.5 million adults aged 20-79 are living with diabetes in Africa, with over two-thirds (69.2%) of them unaware of their condition. More than half (55.3%) of adults living with diabetes in the region live in urban areas.

As is the case in many countries around the world, the incidence of diabetes across Africa and in South Africa is on the rise. Around 1.8 million people currently have diabetes in South Africa, with this number expected to top around 2.7 million by 2045, according to the IDF. In addition, more than two million South Africans may have impaired glucose tolerance (IGT).  What is IGT, I hear you ask.  Well, IGT is a transition phase between normal glucose tolerance and diabetes, also referred to as pre-diabetes which is what I was diagnosed with.

According to the World Health Organization, diabetes rose from 4.7% to 8.5% of adults.  This worldwide increase in trend is cause for makor concern.  Diabetes is dangerous because of all the complications that can occur.  Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure.  It also increases ones risk for heart attack or stroke by 2 to 4 times.  Severe cases see people loose limbs and even their eyesight.


This World Diabetes Day focuses on the family and diabetes, highlighting the important role families play in helping spot the symptoms of diabetes, as well as in encouraging healthy living to reduce the risk of diabetes.


As a family we have made the decision to adopt a healthy lifestyle change.  Healthy eating, an increase in physical activities and exercise combined with a serious reduction in the consumption of sugar has seen our health improve drastically.  I had gestational diabetes during both my pregnancies which makes my children susceptible to becoming diabetic.  A lifestyle change was not negotiable as I don’t want my children to be affected by this dreaded disease.


Simple lifestyle measures have been shown to be effective in preventing or delaying the onset of type 2 diabetes.  As a family, we have done this and so can you.  Diabetes concerns every family.  Could you spot the warning signs??

For more information on World Diabetes Day, visit


Mile 8 by David Higgs

I was beyond humbled to be part of a select group who were invited to attend a celebration in honor of David Higgs, hosted by Discovery at the beautiful #HealthyFoodStudio in Sandton.

Davids Higgs, acclaimed chef, restaurateur and TV personality recently launched his book, MILE 8. What started out as a book about cooking, has turned into a biography about a man and the events that led him to become the incredibly talented chef that he is today.

David nostalgically shared stories with all in attendance about his childhood, from catching his first fish to the humble beginnings of a young boy growing up in Namibia. He was sure to mention his mom and gran, the two strong women who played a pivotal role in his life and the person he has become today. Throughout his speech, David ever so often laid his hand on a copy of Mile 8 that rested on the counter top alongside where he stood. The intense look on his face was a clear indication of the emotions pumped into Mile 8.

The paradox that exists between his lightheartedness and directness are evidence of a man without pretenses. Higgs is real, unfiltered and unapologetic about who he is and his journey. To be honest, my encounter with David Higgs left me in awe. There is so much more to the co-owner of Marble. He’s an old soul with a deep sense of appreciation for life and people. He’s about giving back to those in need and going good. David who happens to also be a cyclist, runs an incredible initiative called Food Cycle which supports children in sustaining their active lives.

As his speech drew to a close, David Higgs shared that Mile 8 was for his dad. An extremely emotional and overwhelmed David couldn’t continue as the tears ran down his face. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room, and it all came full circle. It was rather evident that this book means the world to him and its not just a collection of his famous recipes. Mile 8, an ode to David’s dad encapsulates a lifetime of memories, dedication, determination and love.

Dr. Craig Nossel took over and sang David’s praises, before we were treated to an extraordinary lunch. The day’s festivities drew to an end as David did a book signing for all in attendance.

I honestly can’t wait to start reading my copy of Mile 8, as well as to try out some of those incredible David Higgs recipes. A very special thank you Discovery Health for a fabulous morning filled with loads of inspiration.

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My Love Affair with Fitbit has Helped Me Restore My Health

After being diagnosed as chronically ill in December 2016, the decision to fight for my life saw me embrace an immediate lifestyle change.  The thought of my children growing up without me was something I just couldn’t fathom.

Expeditious action was required, so I made the decision to join the gym on 4 January 2017. I also began exercising and eating right.  I’m 41 and to be honest the tech generation was never my thing, but I needed something to help me track my physical activity.  A month into my journey I decided that it was worth giving a fitness tracker a try.  Absolutely clueless in this department, I did my research and due to the fact that just about everyone was talking about fitbit I decided to go with it.  To be completely honest, i’m a skeptic so instead of buying a new Fitbit, I opted to buy a second-hand one to determine if this was really for me.

A few days had passed and it was final, a Fitbit was for me.  Off to the shops I went and bought myself a brand spanking new Fitbit Flex.  I loved everything about it, from the tracking of steps to the tracking of the food I was consuming, plus I could swim with my Flex.  The highlight for me was the sleep tracking on the app, which was a huge wake-up call (excuse the pun).  Fitbit helped me realise that I was ony getting 1.5 to 2.5 hours of sleep per night.  I literally trained my body to get more sleep thanks to my Fitbit.  I’m happy to report that I now get approximately 6 hours of sleep per night, which plays a vital role in productivity as well as achieving my weight loss goals.

Fitbit Family

I was so impressed with my Fitbit, that I bought the Charge 2 for my eldest son (age 14) and myself.  Yip, you heard right … another upgrade for me. I also bought the Alta HR for my 10-year-old. It’s important to keep in mind that under Fitbit’s Terms of Service it states, users under 13 years of age are not allowed to have personal Fitbit accounts.  If you do want to sync your kid’s tracker with the Fitbit app, you will need to create your own account and let him or her access it that way.  Buying Skylar (10) a Fitbit has seen him lose 4kg and seriously improve his fitness level.  To be honest, we don’t fully utilise all aspects of the Fitbit for him, he is extremely aware of the number of steps he gets in every single day.  This little one racks up approximately 25000 steps per day.  On days when he gets home from school and hasn’t reached his target, he’s sure to head outside to kick around a soccer ball so that he can get those steps in.  Ashton (14) who was diagnosed with anxiety disorder utilises the Relax mode which really helps with his anxiety levels.  If that wasn’t enough reasons to own a Fitbit, well its made this fit family super competitive with us trying to beat each others daily steps or times when we do races.

We Love Fitbit

The Fitbit Ionic

My Charge 2 was amazing and I had absolutely no issues, but due an injured right foot I needed to take up swimming. Monitoring my training which now includes my swimming was vital, so the Fitbit Ionic was next on the list.  The Ionic is everything and more.


Watch this video below for a quick summary of what it can do and then you will understand why I’m completely and totally in love with the Fitbit Ionic

The Fitbit Ionic is more than just a smartwatch, it’s been quoted as the first 24/7 smartwatch.  From the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep, my Fitbit doesn’t leave my hand.  Okay, I take it off to shower (but don’t necessarily need to).  The Fitbit Ionic tracks calories burnt, stairs climbed, exercise, resting heart rate, sleep and the latest addition to the app means that you can track your period too ladies.  I even set notifications to keep me on track throughout my day. All of the above and the battery actually lasts approximately 5 days thanks to the impressive battery life.

The Ionic is a big bold statement piece and even though it looks like a fitness tracker, I still wear it with my formal wear.  I mean, I am a fitness girl after all and fitness is a lifestyle.  Straps can be changed so you do have options.  The large screen has impressive clarity and the swipe and tap functions on the screen are effortless. Then there’s the Fitbit app which is pretty amazing and provides your stats without any effort.  It even allows you to change your digital watch face, which keeps things fresh and exciting. 

The addition of Exercise mode means that the Ionic automatically recognises a host of different exercises, from running, cycling, swimming, treadmill running, weights, interval timer and workouts.  Theres a host of dedicated apps that can be utilised with the Ionic.  Deezer and Strava are definite highlights for me.  In addition to that, your watch stores up to 300 songs on it.  The built-in Coach app is Fitbit’s personal training app, which offers workouts of varying difficulties and duration.

Life without a Fitbit

21 months after I bought my first Fibit, I honestly can’t imagine life without my Fitbit.  It  has been life changing and has seriously helped keep me on the road to smashing my goals.  I’m mindful of my body, what it does and what it needs thanks to the use of a Fitbit.  I’m 22 kg lighter and have dropped 6 dress sizes.  Sounds impressive right, but I still have 10 kg to go, so watch this space as I smash my goals as I gear up for 2019.

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Javett Music Award competition at the University of Pretoria rewards talented students

I recently attended the first Annual Javett Music Awards at the University of Pretoria’s Musaion Theatre. After welcome drinks and canapes, we made our way to the theatre where we took our seats. As I sat front and centre, I felt my heart rate increase as I watched the incredibly talented performances of students, Sandisile and Olu.  Their performances were powerful and rendered an unbelievable amount of emotion.  I didn’t expect to be drawn into their performances the way I was, but I was left inspired and wanting for more.

They were later joined on the stage by Grammy nominated jazz vocalist, Professor Lenora Helm Hammonds.  Professor Helm Hammonds arrived in South Africa earlier in September from North Carolina Central University to take up her residency as the Javett Jazz Artist-in-Residence at the University of Pretoria‘s Department of Music.

Professor Lenora Helm Hammonds

At the end of the evening, Sandisile Gqweta and Olu Yakhe were announced as the winners of the 2018 Javett Music Awards at the University of Pretoria. Sandisile, a BMus (Performing Arts) final year jazz student at the University of Pretoria, won in the Jazz vocal category and Olu, who hails from Mdantsane, in the Eastern Cape, won in the classical singing category. They each won a cash prize of R25 000.

Olu & Sandisile.jpg
Sandisile Gqweta and Olu Yakhe

The annual awards will alternate between composition and performing arts in any musical genre (classical, jazz or electro-acoustic). The awards acknowledge excellence, and celebrate outstanding, innovation and musical creativity, targeting the best young talent in the country.  The evening’s performances made it evident that South Africa is a country blessed with extremely talented individuals just waiting to be found and harnessed.  

Found and harnessed by the partnership between the Javett Foundation and the University of Pretoria.  The Javett Foundation is a South African trust, established to support philanthropic activities in line with the Javett family’s long-standing passion for and commitment to, the arts, education and culture. This fantastic partnership will be consolidated and strengthened in 2019, with the launch of the Javett Art Centre at the University of Pretoria (Javett-UP). 

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Sharpening My Cooking Skills at the Discovery Healthy Food Studio

Lucky, is a girl who wins not one …. but two cooking experiences at the Discovery Healthy Food Studio in Sandton.  As a fit foodie, the opportunity to sharpen my cooking skills is the experience that dreams are made off.  Exaggerate much, I here you are ask but we will come back to this shortly.

The first time I won was during the #RuleYourHealth campaign collaboration between ever so gorgeous Babalwa Mabona and Discovery Health.  I won an experience for two to attend the “All About Chicken” cooking class.

Date Night

The second time, I won a cooking experience for 3 friends and I with Whirlpool during their Heritage Day campaign.  When asked what my fav heritage dish was, I responded with a “Bunny Chow”.  Yip, it’s my absolute fav and let me just add that I do make a mean bunny chow.

Back to my Discovery experiences.  On both occasions at the Healthy Food Studio, we arrived at the extraordinary Discovery Health building and made our way up.  A warm welcome and then we got to watch the sunset while people sipped on wine and I had a cuppa java.  There were some delicious snacks to munch on while we mingled.



Girls Night out with Whirlpool


After a quick introductory, we were dressed in chef hats and aprons.  We moved to the exquisitely designed and equipped kitchen that it fitted with appliances from Kitchenaid, Smeg and Whirlpool.  All the food is supplied by Woolworths.  Let’s just say that the experience at the Discovery Healthy Food Studio is an all-encompassing one.



I’m a huge Whirlpool fan and love the opportunity to cook with their state of the art appliances.  I’m still waiting for the opportunity to use the Whirlpool JetChef which I have heard such amazing things about.

Whirlpool JetChef

We took our places at our cooking stations and the qualified chefs then commenced with the themed classes.  The classes at skills based and you will definitely leave having learnt new skills.  The more experienced cooks in the room will hone their already impressive cooking skills.  It’s a team effort from all in attendance and a great opportunity to meet like-minded individuals.  The recipes utilised on the night are also emailed to you at a later stage so that you can put your new-found skills to the test when you cook your favourite dishes from the night.

Once all is said and done, everyone (except the chefs and staff) make their way to the dining room to eat dinner together.  Sampling the dishes cooked on the night, is a fantastic way to end the experience, which also helps everyone determine their favourite dishes of the night.  The cooking class is a wonderful experience irrespective of whether it is Date Night, Girls Night Out or Flying Solo kinda opportunity.  It’s the opportunity to learn new skills, improve existing skills while socialising and meeting new people.

Fit Like Mummy – The Self-proclaimed Queen of Meal

Im a home cook who cooks 3 meals a day despite being a working mom by day and blogger by night.  Food is my passion and cooking for others is my way of expressing my love.  The kitchen is indeed my happy place and if I can spend my days teaching people how to meal prep and cook healthy but delicious food, then I will be living my best life to the fullest extent. I’ve changed my life and improved my health by making small but sustainable changes and so can you.  Until my dream (which I mentioned in my opening statements) becomes a reality, cooking classes like these and my live Sunday meal preps on Instagram will have to do.  So, meet me on the gram every Sunday afternoon when I meal prep like a boss.






Women’s Lifestyle Expo High Tea set to attract who’s who of South African business women

Enjoying afternoon tea while perched on a gilded hotel armchair is a fine British tradition, which has thankfully found its way into today’s societal way of life.

The Women’s Lifestyle Expo presents you with the opportunity to sit down to an intimate High Tea with some of South Africa’s most dynamic, impressive and influential women at this year’s Expo (#WLE2018). Guests will be treated to a sumptuous tea while hearing how these phenomenal women managed to achieve their success; balancing demanding careers and motherhood and still managing to embrace their femininity. This sumptuous networking opportunity will be taking place on Saturday, 29 September from 2pm to 4pm at Joburg’s Montecasino Piazza Ballroom.

“The Women’s Lifestyle Expo High Tea will give you an opportunity to feed your inner goddess in a space that is energising and empowering and where women from all walks of life will get to interact, engage with and learn from some truly inspiring women.” – said Helen Johns, co-founder of Women’s Lifestyle Expo.

What to expect

Expect to sip on champagne and gin cocktails while enjoying delicious gourmet food. You will be able to enjoy one-on-one interactions and engage in relaxed discussions with the speakers and each guest will leave with a complimentary goodie bag so that they can continue their pampering experience at home.

The #WLE2018 High Tea is however no ordinary high tea.  The high tea features a panel of multi-talented, dynamic women who will share their thoughts and experiences on their road to ‘Redefining Success’.  Your panel comprises of:-


The Deets for the High Tea

Tickets to the High Tea are R650 per person – which includes access to the entire Women’s Lifestyle Expo – and can be bought from With limited space available, you’re urged to book now to avoid disappointment.

#WLE2018 Deets

When: Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 September
Times: Saturday, 29 September 9.30am to 8pm
Sunday, 30 September 9.30am to 6pm
Venue: Montecasino Piazza
Tickets: R180 per person per day for a general entry ticket. (more…)


The Secret is Out – SecretEats is back

A recently bumped into Darren Meltz and when he mentioned that SecretEats is back, I honestly couldn’t contain my excitement.  SecretEATS is every foodies little piece of heaven.

SecretEats! Simply put is an exclusive underground dining experience.  The concept brings together top chefs and young, rising stars with outgoing, adventurous food and wine lovers in unique, unexpected and absolutely breathtaking spaces.  Pretty much ever foodies happy place.

SecretEATS -1.jpg

This invitation only experience sees guests being treated to an exclusive, intimate dinner party featuring course after course of gourmet food, and premium wine pairings from some of the country’s top wine farms.

Do any of the names ring a bell … Brad Ball, Bertus Basson, James Diack, Vicky Crease, Michelle Theron, Kobus van der Merwe, Vanessa Marx ?  SecretEATS has has the pleasure of working with some of these top local and international chefs.

The intrigue and mystery of SecreatEATS lies in the unique and wonderful concept.  The Secret chef and menu are only unveiled upon confirmation of your password at the secret location on the day of the event.  From wineland homes to stunning art galleries, private gardens, ancient milkwood forests and anywhere in between, our evenings are always hosted somewhere guests can’t simply go and make a booking.


Giving Back

As always, every dinner hosted helps raise funds for a local charity in need, an important aspect of the SecretEATS brand. This has allowed us to support and give back to the local community where we – and our guests – live, work and play.

Chat time with Darren Meltz

What does it mean to you to be the Regional Events Director?

I could not be more excited to embark on this new journey with SecretEATS. Being Events Director gives me the freedom to come up with the dinner events not only of my dreams but those of our guests. I am able to make the concepts I’ve had in mind for so long come alive in the most beautiful way.

Why should South African foodies be requesting an invite to a fabulous SecretEATS dinner?

SecretEATS dinners are one of a kind and no two dinners are the same. We bring together the best chefs in the most unique locations. If you miss a SecretEATS you truly will miss out.

Have you attended any of the previous SecretEATS dinners and if so, name your greatest highlight?

My time with SecretEATS started right at the beginning. I was the photographer for the very first Joburg dinners so I’ve been lucky enough to be part of quite a few dinners. My favourites were definitely the red and white rooftop picnic and our collaboration with the Bombay Sapphire Imagination room.

Moments are shared and friendships are made. I am beyond excited to bring the enchantment of SecretEATS to our guests.” – Darren Meltz, Events Director JHB/PTA

For now, simply Request your Private Invitation to join SecretEATS and then sit back, relax and await the deliciousness.