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Dr Esther Mahlangu Teaches A Masterclass

Today, I had the absolute pleasure of attending an event that links art and food in South African heritage.  It was the Masterclass presented by living legend, Dr Esther Mahlangu  to learners at the National School of Arts.  As a foodie and previous art student, today was indeed food for the soul.  Two iconic brands, Albany Bakeries and Tastic Rice have joined forces with the iconic South African artist to celebrate Heritage Day in a truly unique and inspiring concept.


About Dr Esther Mahlangu

The South African Ndebele artist uses a painting technique from her Ndebele region.  The technique has been handed down through generations of women, where she learnt to paint from the age of 10.  She has been creating traditional art for nearly 8 decades and her work has been showcased in galleries around the world.  The internationally acclaimed artist is undoubtedly the coolest and most extraordinary 84 years old artist in the history of South African heritage (and probably the world)

“Love your culture and tradition. This art of traditional paintings is part of our culture. So art can give you bread, can give you food (rice) for you to live. And there is no greater privilege than passing on my art in the Ndebele tradition that is so much a part of culture in South African society, which is why I want to build the IsiNdebele Art School.”

Holding true to her heritage has brought Dr Mahlangu iconic status.  She has commissioned work with ultra cool brands and celebrities.  Her talent and skills have resulted in her having the world at her feet.  She is a woman after my own heart. Dr Esther Mahlangu is living proof that we are not defined by our age nor our circumstances.  Her demeanor is calming yet bold and strong.  Her gentle laugh speaks of a of woman with an amazing sense of humour and outlook on life.  Her coolness factor left speechless for most of the day..

Esther Mahlangu Promotions

Albany Bakeries and Tastic Rice have commenced running promotions for the month of September, that showcase artwork created by world-renowned artist, Esther Mahlangu.  She presented a selection of designs to Tiger Brands and the respective creative teams at Albany and Tastic chose designs for the Albany bread and Tastic rice packaging.

The campaigns which will run during the course of September will result in instant prizes and a R5000 cash prize daily.   Details can be found on the limited edition packing.


Inspiration for Days

Dr Mahlangu’s message is to “Love your culture and tradition”.  She’s all about staying true to ones roots and encouraged the students in her class to not forget their heritage.  At the age of 84, Dr Esther Mahlangu is positively impacting lives of so many in need and her effort are truly commendable.  One can only hope that through such an incredible initiate people are encouraged to be more tolerant of each other, their heritage and traditions.

Happy Heritage Month South Africa !

Love you heritage!

Celebrate your heritage!



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Left Empowered & Inspired as Sta-Sof-Fro wrapped up the #WearYou Seminar Series for 2018

Balancing Love, Life and Everything in Between

Sta-Sof-Fro, the No. 1 brand in South Africa for people who prefer to style their own natural hair, wrapped up a series of events focussed on empowering women with a final salon seminar for 2018 in Johannesburg. The series focussed on the following Seminar themes:-

  • Seminar #1 – Wealth
  • Seminar #2 – The Profitability of Passion
  • Seminar #3 – Balancing Act

I was pleasantly surprised with an invite to attend this prestigious, (invite-only) event. The event was held at the exclusive Fairlawns Boutique Hotel in Sandton.

I won tickets to the event for my friend and I with Mapula Ndhlovu

Having a full-time career, being a working mom by day, who is also a blogger by night and balancing everyday life is something I have managed to master with time. Achieving balance is however different for every woman and can sometimes become extremely overwhelming. With some women having it all together, it begged the all-important question of …. “How?”

The third panel of #WearYou speakers came together to answer that very question. The panel of speakers included media personalities and business women Palesa Masiteng and Lerato Sengadi. The Queen of Fitness herself, Mapule Ndhlovu as well as medical doctor and fashionista Dr. Nandipha Sekeleni. These four remarkable women, each power-houses in their own rights, joined the stunning Nicole Bessick on stage.

On the couch with Nicole Bessick

The unscripted Q & A session with the quick-thinking and witty Nicole, had these ladies share their personal experiences in career and life. Their individual and honest takes on how they have managed to achieve balance in their lives was not only refreshing but also inspiring. As we sat in the audience clinging to their every word, in the hopes of finding the key to achieving balance, we found ourselves laughing, smiling and even crying. Best of all, the women, who are all extremely different were in fact all relatable for various reasons. In fact, several of the women who attended the seminar agreed with the above statement.

For the past 7 months Sta-Sof-Fro opened the floor for women to engage and share their personal experiences. Their journey’s no doubt changed fellow woman’s lives. The intimate seminars, aimed to break stereotypes and create dynamic dialogue, allowing the #versastyle women to embrace their personal truths, reminding all, that it’s ok to be and #WearYou. The #WearYou campaign has been and continues to be an extension of what the Sta-Sof-Fro ethos stands for.

Final Words from the Brand Manager

“Watching this campaign take shape and to have these ladies breathe life into it has been an overwhelming experience,” commented Sta-Sof-Fro Brand Manager Lerato Selepe. “The speakers and guests have shared, laughed and cried, they have experienced “I thought I was the only one” and “aha” moments and #WearYou made a real impact on the lives of women which is what Sta-Sof-Fro believes in.”

Plans for the Future

Sta-Sof-Fro foresees keeping this movement alive with plans to involve more leaders in various industries on the continent. To allow them a platform to share their personal experiences, truths and narratives as real woman in an ever-changing world.

The Key to Living a Balanced Life

Women who attended the event reiterated the fact that they felt empowered and inspired in more ways than one at the end of each seminars. It dawned on them that self-love is indeed the greatest revolution. The focus on living a guilt-free life that encompasses being kinder to oneself is the actual key to living a balanced and fulfilled life.

Leave a comment below to let me know what your #VERSASTYLE is.