Those of you that know us, you will know that we love to “getaway” any chance we get. In fact we getaway almost monthly. Monthly might seem excessive but we manage to pull off, getaway after getaway thanks to amazing deals and clever planning. That’s why we make a pointContinue Reading

Gratitude journal

In this day and age when life is extremely fast paced and instant gratification is the norm, we often tend to forget to live a grateful life. It really is easy to be ungrateful these days. It’s easy to want things that we don’t have. Consumerism is constantly reminding usContinue Reading

win an experience with grace stevens

With Valentines Day fast approaching, the big question is will you be celebrating this auspicious day of love. Irrespective of whether you are pro- or anti-valentine’s the multiple award-winning decorator, instructor, TV personality and author, Grace Stevens, will be presenting two workshops this Valentines that’s aimed at those who sitContinue Reading