#TeamUp 2018 Winner Announcement by BOS Sport

BOS Sport has been running a competition over the past few months to motivate school going kids to get up, get active and #TeamUp with their fellow school mates.  Teams had to create a unique profile, get people to vote for them and take part in team challenges which would then earn them extra votes. The school teams with the most votes at the end of the campaign would win incredible prizes.

BOS_Sport_bottle line up.png
BOS Sport believes that sport is the vehicle to unite and inspire youth, instilling in them the powerful values of commitment, perseverance and teamwork.

This fantastic campaign was developed to reward school sport teams who show a passion for their team and sport, no matter what the result.  The entries submitted were a clear indication of both immense passion and team work that exists in many of our South African schools.  This December sees the #TeamUp competition come to a close.

Time to Announce the Winners

Drum roll please …

The school team with the most votes is Winston Park 1st Team Rugby. They racked up 1702 votes and received a total of R20 000 (R10 000 for the school and R10 000 for the team).  In addition to the prize money the team also won 10 cases of BOS Sport.  Kuswag 7’s Skummels scooped second place by racking up 1577 votes. They won a total of R10 000 (R5000 for the school and R5000 for the team), as well as 10 cases of BOS Sport.  Third place goes to Montagu Laerskool O/13 A Rugby who received a total of 745 votes, which earned them a prize which consists of R2000 for the team, R2000 for the school and 10 cases of BOS Sport.

The BOS SPORT Team Up initiative is an incredible programme for schools which managed to achieve its goal to encourage sport teams and sporting individuals to rally support by showcasing their skills, passion for the game, and team spirit.


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NPL, The Supplement Range That is Helping Me Achieve Great Results

I started my weight loss journey in January 2017 and never used supplements as I didn’t feel the need.  By October last year I hit a serious plateau.  Months had passed and my efforts proved futile.  In June 2018 when I was named the Face & Body of FIBO Global Fitness Africa, I realised that I needed the added advantage to help me achieve my goals in 4 short months.  I teamed up with NPL and started using their products.

Not all supplements are created equal

NPL is a South African brand making fitness supplements in an approved manufacturing facility for the best quality.  NPL also happens to be one of first sports Nutrition companies to step up and provide high quality products to consumers with full transparency. A strict Non-Proprietary Blend Policy means everything in the product is disclosed to you.  This gives me the peace of mind and reassurance I need, as I’m all about knowing fully well what I’m putting into my body.

My supplement regime

My supplement regime isn’t overly complicated and even with my hectic lifestyle it has been exceptionally easy to incorporate into my life.  Here’s the low down on the supplements I use daily.



  • Liquid fat burner
  • Supports fat metabolism
  • Energy production
  • Mental focus
  • Zero sugar
  • Zero calories
  • Sweetened with stevia

This powerful fat burner aids in encouraging your body to utilize fat as energy. As well as a fat burning enhancer, it increases one’s recovery rate after exercise, decreases exercised induced muscle damage and decreases muscle soreness. It is even an antioxidant which helps stabilize blood sugar levels thereby reducing cravings, especially on a low carbohydrate diet.

CLA Ultra

  • Targeted weight reduction
  • Supports weight management
  • Supports the breakdown of fat stores
  • Supports healthy cholesterol levels
  • Stimulant free

Supplementing with CLA may have a significant impact on how the body utilizes and deposits fat. Studies suggest that CLA supplementation can help reduce body fat and increase lean muscle mass (especially in leg and abdominal areas). CLA is free from stimulants and has shown to reduce cholesterol levels

Amino Burn

  • Essential amino acids
  • Supports lean muscle growth
  • Speeds up recovery
  • Supports metabolic function
  • Increases fat loss
  • Increases energy
  • Enhances mental focus
  • Zero carbs
  • Zero sugar

Amino Burn tastes amazing and increases energy.  It helps improve recovery and promote fat burning. It can be used anytime throughout the day to boost mental focus and enhance metabolic function.

Thermo Fuel

  • Extreme energy
  • Mental focus
  • Weight control
  • Appetite control
  • Appetite control

Thermo Fuel is an enhanced weight control aid, designed to target body fat and preserve lean muscle. It basically increases core body temperature in order to accelerate your metabolism.  It also increases the levels of focus and energy.

Platinum Whey

  • Low carb
  • Great taste
  • Excellent source of protein
  • Improves muscle recovery
  • Promotes lean muscle mass

Whey protein contains all nine essential amino acids. It’s high in BCAA’s which are necessary for stimulating muscle protein synthesis following training or exercise, and therefore important for muscle growth.

My Overall Review

After using these products daily for the past 5 months, the first thing I noticed was an insane increase in my energy levels.  At the age of 41, energy levels really take a beating but using NPL has definitely given me the edge.  I have also noticed better concentration and focus throughout my day which are areas are normally struggle with.  All the products that I use taste amazing and there’s no aftertaste.  I started every single morning by hopping out of bed to take a tablespoon of L-Carnitine on an empty tummy prior to smashing out a cardio session.  I have on occasion used the Whey to bake with or create healthy snacks.  I love the taste of the Platinum Whey which also keeps me full and curbs my cravings.  The Thermo Fuel was hectic in the beginning but I was weaned onto it over a two-week period and my body soon adjusted.  As for the Amino burn well I add it to my water and sip on it all day long.  It tastes great and really helps me meet my water quota for the day.

I’m beyond happy with the NPL products because I’ve seen so many incredible differences that I just can’t ignore it.  Best of all, as each day passes I see how my body is transforming and  that is why I highly recommend NPL supplements.  If you are unsure but would love to try out some of their products, I’d recommend you follow their Instagram pages to find out where the #YellowArmy team will be next.


I wanted to share the love so I’m giving one lucky winner the opportunity on win an incredible NPL supplement stack that will see you take your body to the next level.  To enter simply follow the rules on Facebook and Instagram.  Good luck lovelies

4000 Followers Giveaway

Should you have any queries regarding NPL or supplements in general, please pop them in the comments and we will do our best to respond with all the deets.




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My Love Affair with Fitbit has Helped Me Restore My Health

After being diagnosed as chronically ill in December 2016, the decision to fight for my life saw me embrace an immediate lifestyle change.  The thought of my children growing up without me was something I just couldn’t fathom.

Expeditious action was required, so I made the decision to join the gym on 4 January 2017. I also began exercising and eating right.  I’m 41 and to be honest the tech generation was never my thing, but I needed something to help me track my physical activity.  A month into my journey I decided that it was worth giving a fitness tracker a try.  Absolutely clueless in this department, I did my research and due to the fact that just about everyone was talking about fitbit I decided to go with it.  To be completely honest, i’m a skeptic so instead of buying a new Fitbit, I opted to buy a second-hand one to determine if this was really for me.

A few days had passed and it was final, a Fitbit was for me.  Off to the shops I went and bought myself a brand spanking new Fitbit Flex.  I loved everything about it, from the tracking of steps to the tracking of the food I was consuming, plus I could swim with my Flex.  The highlight for me was the sleep tracking on the app, which was a huge wake-up call (excuse the pun).  Fitbit helped me realise that I was ony getting 1.5 to 2.5 hours of sleep per night.  I literally trained my body to get more sleep thanks to my Fitbit.  I’m happy to report that I now get approximately 6 hours of sleep per night, which plays a vital role in productivity as well as achieving my weight loss goals.

Fitbit Family

I was so impressed with my Fitbit, that I bought the Charge 2 for my eldest son (age 14) and myself.  Yip, you heard right … another upgrade for me. I also bought the Alta HR for my 10-year-old. It’s important to keep in mind that under Fitbit’s Terms of Service it states, users under 13 years of age are not allowed to have personal Fitbit accounts.  If you do want to sync your kid’s tracker with the Fitbit app, you will need to create your own account and let him or her access it that way.  Buying Skylar (10) a Fitbit has seen him lose 4kg and seriously improve his fitness level.  To be honest, we don’t fully utilise all aspects of the Fitbit for him, he is extremely aware of the number of steps he gets in every single day.  This little one racks up approximately 25000 steps per day.  On days when he gets home from school and hasn’t reached his target, he’s sure to head outside to kick around a soccer ball so that he can get those steps in.  Ashton (14) who was diagnosed with anxiety disorder utilises the Relax mode which really helps with his anxiety levels.  If that wasn’t enough reasons to own a Fitbit, well its made this fit family super competitive with us trying to beat each others daily steps or times when we do races.

We Love Fitbit

The Fitbit Ionic

My Charge 2 was amazing and I had absolutely no issues, but due an injured right foot I needed to take up swimming. Monitoring my training which now includes my swimming was vital, so the Fitbit Ionic was next on the list.  The Ionic is everything and more.


Watch this video below for a quick summary of what it can do and then you will understand why I’m completely and totally in love with the Fitbit Ionic

The Fitbit Ionic is more than just a smartwatch, it’s been quoted as the first 24/7 smartwatch.  From the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep, my Fitbit doesn’t leave my hand.  Okay, I take it off to shower (but don’t necessarily need to).  The Fitbit Ionic tracks calories burnt, stairs climbed, exercise, resting heart rate, sleep and the latest addition to the app means that you can track your period too ladies.  I even set notifications to keep me on track throughout my day. All of the above and the battery actually lasts approximately 5 days thanks to the impressive battery life.

The Ionic is a big bold statement piece and even though it looks like a fitness tracker, I still wear it with my formal wear.  I mean, I am a fitness girl after all and fitness is a lifestyle.  Straps can be changed so you do have options.  The large screen has impressive clarity and the swipe and tap functions on the screen are effortless. Then there’s the Fitbit app which is pretty amazing and provides your stats without any effort.  It even allows you to change your digital watch face, which keeps things fresh and exciting. 

The addition of Exercise mode means that the Ionic automatically recognises a host of different exercises, from running, cycling, swimming, treadmill running, weights, interval timer and workouts.  Theres a host of dedicated apps that can be utilised with the Ionic.  Deezer and Strava are definite highlights for me.  In addition to that, your watch stores up to 300 songs on it.  The built-in Coach app is Fitbit’s personal training app, which offers workouts of varying difficulties and duration.

Life without a Fitbit

21 months after I bought my first Fibit, I honestly can’t imagine life without my Fitbit.  It  has been life changing and has seriously helped keep me on the road to smashing my goals.  I’m mindful of my body, what it does and what it needs thanks to the use of a Fitbit.  I’m 22 kg lighter and have dropped 6 dress sizes.  Sounds impressive right, but I still have 10 kg to go, so watch this space as I smash my goals as I gear up for 2019.

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Fitness Found Me & Im Not Ready to Throw in the Towel

Fitness found me, but the decision to throw in the towel reared its ugly head at the beginning of last week. Refer to my Instagram post below for more details.

View this post on Instagram

😓Time for some "beginning of the week real talk" – is it time to throw in towel??? . Injuring my foot has really been a huge setback in my life. More so mentally than physically in terms of my transformation.😤 . Yes, I walk around with a huge smile and high energy. Well that's what you guys see most of the time. What you don't see is the early morning and late evening crying which is more related to my frustrations than anything else. The pain has improved tremendously so that's not the issue at hand. I'm limited in everything I do, I've slowed down considerably and I can't do most activities with my kids which is really depressing me. My entire lifestyle has been affected and I'm tired. 😭 . Follow up with the doc today, sees us seek a second opinion from a specialist to make sure everything is in order. I've been working out and going about my day to day activities all under strict supervision. . But today, I honestly feel like throwing in the towel. While I should be doing my evening workout, I'm in bed with a migraine and a sick child. . 🔴I'm faced with so many pressing questions 🔳How many more setbacks do I need to endue? 🔲Do I have anything left in the tank to help me see the next two months through? 🔳Will I need that op on my foot? 🔲Is it all worth it 🔳Should I just throw in the towel? . Its time for bed and I'm hoping that I wake up with a clearer vision in terms of my journey and my way forward. I also wanted to thank everyone for the love and support over the past 2 months. I'm eternally blessed to have you guys in my corner 💞

A post shared by Natasha – Blogger 🇿🇦 (@fitlikemummy) on

Truth is, I’ve fallen into a little bit of a depression due to the setback created by my injury. The not knowing has been killing me. Not being able to do certain things with my kids has been killing me. Not been able to workout properly has really gotten to me. It’s been a continental stuff up with my foot injury and … the timing could not have been worse. I’m human and I’ve been taking strain.

However in a recent interview with Get It Online we discussed my weight loss journey and somewhere during the interview, I had an aha moment.

When asked how my journey had taken me from one end of the scale to the other…. this was my response. “I honestly believe that fitness found me. It’s been a saving grace in so many respects and it’s something I am now extremely passionate about. Living to inspire was never on my initial agenda, but I’ve found this to be the best and most rewarding part of my journey”.


Fitness wasn’t the plan either. Losing weight was. I just wanted to lose the weight and improve my health. Little did I know that my journey would change to one of fitness and that I would become immensely passionate about fitness.

Fitness has brought an incredible amount of clarity and peace into my life. Its calms me and helps me focus. Fitness has guided me towards my life’s purpose. I’ve always wanted to help people achieve their full potential but U didnt know how. Inspiring people to dig deep and never give up is indeed rewarding and helps me stay on track. Fitness has transformed my life in the most incredible way, so how can I throw in the towel. In addition to that, I am supported by so many amazing people that throwing in the towel is not even an option.

“Okay so you are progressing and there is room to improve for further progress.. It’s not easy but you have to keep giving 100%.. If you do that you can’t be disappointed and you won’t be! I know its tough when you don’t see the results that you are expecting but those who end up achieving their goal are the ones who keep struggling and keep pushing! Trust us!” – Jason Dunning

After taking a week off from literally everything to deal with my mental game I can honestly say that I’m back and I ain’t going anywhere. I am ready for the final push and my mental game is on point. Simply put … I’m not throwing in the towel!


BOS Sport Announces its TEAM UP School Challenge 2K18

It doesn’t matter what sport you play. If you’re in a school team, it’s time to TEAM UP with BOS Sport. The sports drink powered by rooibos is challenging school sports teams to TEAM UP and stand the chance of winning their share of R50K in prizes for their team and school.

Is your team up for the challenge? Registration is open, so Go Team, Go BOS!

BOS Sport contains organic rooibos, less sugar, zero colourants and essential electrolytes. All ensuring you stay hydrated and perform at your peak in the healthiest way possible. BOS Sport gives you the power to last longer and push yourself harder – WANT STAYING POWER? GO BOS.


South African school sport represents everything BOS Sport is passionate about – active lifestyles, a sense of fun and team comraderie and commitment.

No matter what team you are in, from hockey, soccer, rugby, netball, cricket (and everything in between!) … If you’re in a school sports team, it’s time to TEAM UP.

“We believe sport is the vehicle to unite and inspire youth, instilling in them the powerful values of commitment, perseverance and team work. The TEAM UP campaign has been developed to reward school sport teams who show a passion for their team and sport, no matter the results. TEAM UP and GO BOS,” says William Battersby, BOS South Africa Managing Director.


To enter your school sports team, simply log onto, register your team name, add a profile picture, tell us a little about what makes your team great and then Go BOS! Share your team profile via social media or email and get your team and supporters to vote for your team as the BOS Sport TEAM Up winners of 2K18.

Voting closes November 15th 2018, and the teams with the most votes stand to win the following fantastic prizes:

  • 1st Prize: R10K each for the school and the team plus 10 cases of BOS Sport.
  • 2nd Prize: R5K each for the school and the team plus 10 cases of BOS Sport.
  • 3rd Prize: R2K each for the school and the team plus 10 cases of BOS Sport.

The top 25 runners up will each receive BOS Sport branded water bottles plus a total of R10K in BOS Sport product.

Teams will have an opportunity to earn bonus points by taking part in a number of Team Up monthly social media challenges, so keep an eye out on the BOS Sport social channels to give your team an added advantage. Remember to tag @BosSport and include #BosSport #TEAMUP and #[your TEAM UP ID].

BOS Sport uses the very latest understanding about how best to harness the necessary energy (from carbohydrates) our bodies need for performance, while minimising the negative effects excess carbohydrates can have. The medium GI and natural balance of sugars in FRUIT UP™ allows for the use of less processed sugars while achieving sustained energy release in the product.

The range was developed to be your perfect workout partner. Rooibos is a natural carrier of essential electrolytes (magnesium, potassium and sodium) for optimal rehydration, and is also rich in antioxidants to boost circulation and fight inflammation, helping heal damaged muscle tissue.

BOS Sport is colourant-free and comes in a variety of great tasting flavours including; Blueberry, Lemon Lime, Mandarin Orange and Red Berry.

BOS_Sport_Old and New-Lineup-01

“We encourage all school sports teams to take part in the challenge, to show us and South Africa why theirs is the best team to play for while inspiring everyone to Go BOS!” concludes Battersby.

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Fitness Magazine’s Fit Affair 4 Ticket Giveaway

Fitness Magazine’s Fit Affair series is gaining rapid momentum, as the fourth fitness event in the series is scheduled to take place on Saturday, 1 September 2018.

Fit Affair 3

Before I give you the low down on Fit Affair 4, let me recap Fit Affair 3. The event which took place in June at the Rietvlei Zoo Farm, was an energy filled event that catered for the entire family. There was definitely something for everyone with a wonderful line-up that saw everyone work up a sweat.
The line-up packed a punch with an energetic Boxercise workout by Mika Stefano, who was also the MC for the event. Participants got to muscle up with the functional fitness experience by @train_boutique_fitness. The days drew to a close with a cardio Zumba session with @gusmarimaritz.

The Main Reasons I Attend Fit Affair

  • The event caters for everyone including families. This means that my #FitFam gets to workout with me.
  • I get to meet and hang out with like-minded individuals. The regular Fitness Fanatics show up in all their glory to not only workout, but to encourage and motivate participants who are on their individual fitness journeys.
  • Rather honestly … Fit Affair is a vibe

IMG_20180630_175454_436.jpg IMG_20180630_163446_487.jpg





Fit Affair 4

It’s definitely been an exceptionally cold and long winter. The welcoming of Spring just happens to coincide with Fit Affair 4. Its time to bring the heat and join in on the action as we get ever closer to the summer months.  Fit Affair 4 will take place on Saturday, 1 September in Muldersdrift between 8-11am. The line-up includes celeb trainer Mika Stefano who will lead the warm up. So be prepared for to say #MikaMadeMeSquat! A bodyweight team challenge session with Simone Jacobs Fit is sure to get your heart pumping. You can also expect a fantastic resistance band session with wellness and fitness business owner, Lisa Raleigh. The days events will finish up with a killer ‘cardio-dance’ session by @macdavaan and @_fitnessicon_ so be prepared to get your party on!


I am giving away tickets to Fit Affair 4, so make sure to enter on my Instagram page. T’s & C’s apply.

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5 Steps to Kick-start Your Transformation (and keep it going)

I’m often asked about my commitment, dedication and perseverance with regard to my transformation. What people really want to know is how to start and how to keep the momentum going. Sounds easier said than done, or is it a simple approach to a radical lifestyle change that is required?

So, when I was asked to write for the Entertainer Hub about this very topic, I jumped at the opportunity.

The hardest part of any fitness journey is knowing where to start.

Hit the link to find out what are my 5 steps to kick-start a transformation and how to keep it going

Please head back after reading the article and let me know in the comments, where you are in your journey to a fitter and healthier you.


FIBO Global Fitness named FitLikeMummy aka “ME”, as the Face & Body Ambassador of the Lifestyle and Fitness show

I recently blogged about the launch of FIBO Africa and the fact that I was over the moon to be one of the Fit Influencer for the event taking place later this year. I received tons of messages of congratulations and well wishes, but I don’t think any of us expected the next phase of my journey.

The Face & Body of FIBO Africa

Monday, 23 July 2018 FIBO Global Fitness named FitLikeMummy aka “ME”, as the Face & Body Ambassador of the Lifestyle and Fitness show. When I started my weight loss journey in January 2017, little did I know or even consider that 19 months later I’d be a Fitness Blogger, Fitness Influencer …. and definitely not the Ambassador of an international fitness show. I mean really, THE FACE & BODY OF FIBO AFRICA! Let me just pinch myself, because that’s actually me that they are referring to.

About FIBO Global Fitness

From Cologne to Shanghai and Johannesburg to the United States, FIBO is expanding its global activities and establishing a direct presence in the target markets. FIBO in Cologne, the Leading International Trade Show for Fitness, Wellness and Health, draws about 1,000 exhibitors and 150,000 visitors to Germany each year. This is where innovations are launched. This is where international trends are set. This is where the industry comes to invest. FIBO China has been the central meeting place of the Asian fitness industry since 2014. FIBO USA will also be launched in 2018, but first it’s time for FIBO Africa to bring the heat.


I am extremely passionate about helping individuals realise that there are #NoExcuses and that we shouldn’t allow anyone or anything from stopping us live our best lives. I’m a 40-year-old working mom who blogs part-time, and has managed to improve my health and fitness despite being a social butterfly. I’ve spent the past 19 months smashing stereotypes and I have no plans to stop anytime soon. #SMASHEDBYTASH

“We must reject not only the stereotypes that others have of us but also those that we have of ourselves.

My Ambassadorship

  1. I’m going to record my nutrition and exercise regime daily on social media (so best you go follow me on social media if you aren’t already)
  2. I will be doing a BIG REVEAL which will take place at the FIBO Festival on Saturday, 27 October. Yes, you heard right! I will be strutting this FACE & BODY on the Saturday, but I can’t do it without you. Please come show your support as I step out of my comfort zone to show your how I have found my FIT in FITness.
  3. Many of you have been wanting to learn to Meal Prep Like a Boss, so join me at the FitFood Zone on Sunday, 28 October 2018 as I will be demonstrating a 7 day meal prep you don’t want to miss.


So with all that being said, best you head on over to to purchase your tickets for FIBO Global Fitness Africa and come have loads of fitness fun with me and all the other amazing Fitness Influencers

For more information about FIBO Global Fitness Africa, visit

Lastly, to celebrate this amazing news I am giving away 2 tickets to FIBO Africa. Check my Instgram for the deets.

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It isn’t about winning, but more about crossing the finish line

Those of you who follow me, know that my family is indeed a #FITFAM. I couldn’t look at improving my health and fitness level, without including my kids. Being fit as a family is important to me, as it’s created lasting moments of quality time spent together. I know my kids will look back and cherish our moments of fitness fun.

Fit Family of the Month
It’s so important to me that I’ve decided to do a series about Fit Families who inspire me. Today I’d like to introduce you to Emanuel and his family. Mani (as he is better known as), is a Dad blogger who shares Darren’s and his personal journey as gay parents in South Africa. They are the gorgeous family behind the blog Two Dads & a Kid

Mani has generously agreed to share their story as a Fit Family with us and I’m over the moon and grateful to have them on the blog today.

Their Story
Hubby(Darren) and I both grew up during a period that sport was part of the school curriculum. You weren’t expected to participate in every single sport the school offered, but we were expected to participate in at least one sporting discipline in addition to PE (now known as Physical Training). Darren was into athletics and his rugby. He loved rugby so much that it became part of his career. I on the other hand was exposed to and participated in a variety of sports disciplines ranging from individual activities like squash, athletics and swimming through to group disciplines like soccer and cricket.

Into our adult life, sport or rather physical activities have always been a part of our daily routines. We either at the gym for 30 to 60 minutes doing weights or cardio, or we are on the road, running or cycling. Entering races has become part of your weekend routine, not to win but to finish and improve on your previous race time. When our son was placed with us, he was our support crew with whichever spouse was not participating. Early morning starts became part of our weekend game.

Even before our son came home, it was a given that he would be encouraged to participate in sports. So, it was no surprise that we introduced him to swimming at age 6 months. At this point we attended lessons for about 4 months before he had had enough. So, we stopped. I’m so glad that we attended these lessons though, because a Sunday afternoon a year later he accidentally fell into the pool. Thank God for the lesson, because instinctively he turned himself onto his back and started kicking his legs and moving his arms about. What felt like minutes, was a lot less. When I eventually reached him, he was calm. This scenario could have been deadly, thankfully it wasn’t. Drowning is real! Besides saving your life there are many other benefits to learning how to swim. Swimming is great for the heart, lungs, improving your strength, balance, posture and flexibility. In recent years child obesity has become a huge concern, as it may lead to diabetes, swimming is a great preventative measure.

Although our son disliked the pool for a while, today he is loving his swimming lessons. We’ve introduced him to the world of Karate, Basketball, Soccer and Mountain Biking to bring a little more balance. Of all these disciplines, Mountain biking is where his heart is. He is a true MTB Rider. Seeking all the challenging routes while out on the trails. Although the hills are still his nemesis, if neither Darren or I are around, he will give it his best, refusing to give up, and giving him a sense of achievement. As he matures, being out on his bike will be another way for him to meet and make new friends. Although relatively new to schools, MTB is growing at school level with many events now introducing a prize for the school with the most entrants, for example. The best part of MTB or Cycling is that you can go out onto the trails as a family and it’s a skill your child will have forever.

Benefits of Exercise for Families

  • it improves our moods by releasing endorphins in the brain, that natural ‘high’ you feel after a good workout
  • kids that exercise regularly are more likely to pay attention and switch between tasks with better speed and accuracy
  • perform better on tests regular exercise also builds a child’s self-esteem
  • provides an environment for kids to meet and make new friends

Different Strokes for Different Folks
As a family we don’t necessarily all excel in the same sports. So, for example, Darren enjoys MTB more than I do. For that reason, he tends to be the one hitting the trails with our son. Swimming is my fortes, so besides swimming school, whenever I get the chance I hit the local pool at the gym and basically get our son to show me what he has learnt during swimming class. All three of us enter races. There’s nothing like a medal to boost your spirits and push you to do better.

Final word
Their motto is that as a family they do not give up. They may not be the first to cross the finish line, but they will finish! If you would like to follow these amazingly inspirational dads as they keep fit with their handsome son, then go and vist their blog TWO DADS & A KID and follow them on social media.


Fit Like Mummy Gives EMS Training a Bash

I’ve recently tried out a few EMS workouts at EMS Body Studio at the Bedford Wellness Centre, all in the name of satisfying my curiosity and being able to share my experience with you.  Imagine getting the effects of a three-hour workout in only 20 minutes.  Is that even a possibility? It very well might be possible so I could not resist giving EMS training a bash.

EMS workouts are really making waves in the fitness industry and with people scrambling for more time, this kind of workout claims to be the future of fitness.

What is an EMS workout?

EMS stands for electrical muscle stimulation.  In training, a machine delivers electrical pulses that stimulate muscle contraction.  EMS workouts heighten the contractions and intensify your workout in a way that your body could not possibly do on its own.  So it basically mimics the natural action of our central nervous system, sending electrical impulses to contract our deep muscle fibres.

How does it work?

In just a 20 minute training session, a personal trainer will put you through a customised 1 on 1 program – giving your body over 150 times more muscle contractions than a conventional workout.

Upon arrival you are asked to change into a suit that is provided.  You don’t wear underwear under the suit provided to ensure maximum contact with your skin.  Just so you know, the items are washed and sterilised after each wear.


Your weight and measurements are fed into the computer and then loaded on a card that is assigned to you.  Basically it stores your progress.

My PT  gave a gentle spray of warm water over the electronic pads attached to the vest.  I was strapped into a vest with fabric similar to what’s used in a wetsuit with red and yellow cords poking in and out.  These all come together into a singular plug and are then attached to the unit. Next came the leg straps and the armbands followed.


Shortly after that, an initial assessment is performed to determine your level of tolerance to the actual EMS workout.  Depending on your level of fitness and goals, your training session is either low impact (with basic exercises to awaken muscles) or highly intense, with strong contractions and dynamic exercises to activate deep muscle hypertrophy.  Workouts are customised to suit each client, from heavy strength training to fat and cellulite reduction regimes.


The system activates upwards of 90% of total deep muscle tissue as opposed to conventional weight training which on a good day hits about 50%.  I have a super high pain threshold so the majority of my initial settings were extremely high.  This is where I have to caution you.  If you are known to have a high pain threshold, then I strongly recommend that you ease into these sessions as you need to allow your body to adjust to the intensity that EMS workouts provide.  As the repetitions increased so did the impulses. I followed a routine of basic exercises which was illustrated and communicated by my PT.  Your movements are extremely slow but I caution you not to underestimate the impact.

I would describe the entire experience as intense but rewarding. Your muscles contract to the maximum whilst you complete the movements and slowly work those particular muscle groups.  I experienced muscle pain like never before and I was sore for a few days thereafter, but that was the assurance that EMS workouts are indeed the next level of fitness.