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James Ali Bashir, the Man Behind the Legendary US Boxing Trainer

James Ali Bashir, legendary US boxing trainer, spans a 48 (soon to be 49) year career training boxers around the world. Rather humbling to sit down and chat about all things boxing. We also go to chat about life.

Raised by an extremely independent and strong mother, its no surprise that James Ali Bashir’s inspiring story highlights many successes. A specific event had Bashir questioning his choices and especially his career path. After much thought he made the decision to follow his heart and his passion and became an assistant trainer under Emanuel Steward for 17 years out of the famed Kronk Gym in Detroit, Michigan. Bashir served as assistant trainer to many fighters. After Steward’s passing in 2012, James Ali Bashir began working as a head coach. He emphasized that nothing came easy and his choice to pursue a career as a boxing trainer meant sacrificing absolutely “everything“. A tough choice, but one he doesn’t regret. Bashir reiterated that nothing great ever comes easy.

Words from a Wise Man

While Bashir had his lunch we casually chatted about life, it’s circumstances and how random events out of our control impact our lives. Bashir is a man who has experienced life in its entirety and as a result takes nothing for granted. His words were deep and really hit home. Our conversation was raw and real … and gave me lots to think about and in some strange way, our meeting has served a purpose greater than I could possibly imagine. James Ali Bashir was the voice of reason I so desperately need and I’m eternally grateful. At one point in our conversation, Bashir handed me his phone and asked me to watch the video below. Take a look and tell me that doesn’t put things into perspective.

Fighters Trained

It was incredible to chat to the man behind the success of world heavyweight champions like Wladimir Klitschko, Lennox Lewis, Welterweight champion Oleksandr Usyk, Monte Barrett, Maurice Harris and Eddie Chambers,

Battle of the Warriors

James Ali Bashir is currently training several of the boxers participating in the Battle of the Warriors taking place on 26 August 2018 at the Sun Arena in Pretoria. One of the boxers he is training is Ukranian born Heavyweight Vladyslav Sirenko. Vlad joined us during the interview and it was fantastic to watch the relation between boxer and trainer. Which very much resembled a relationship to that of a father and son, with carefree banter, jokes and an honest affection for each other.

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Bashir was also training IBO World Middlewight Champion, Ivana Habazin who due to injury returned to Crotia to deal with her recovery at home.

James Ali Bashir is indeed a force to be reckoned with and you can see him in person, pushing his guys to the max at the Battle of the Warriors.

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Fitness Magazine’s Fit Affair 4 Ticket Giveaway

Fitness Magazine’s Fit Affair series is gaining rapid momentum, as the fourth fitness event in the series is scheduled to take place on Saturday, 1 September 2018.

Fit Affair 3

Before I give you the low down on Fit Affair 4, let me recap Fit Affair 3. The event which took place in June at the Rietvlei Zoo Farm, was an energy filled event that catered for the entire family. There was definitely something for everyone with a wonderful line-up that saw everyone work up a sweat.
The line-up packed a punch with an energetic Boxercise workout by Mika Stefano, who was also the MC for the event. Participants got to muscle up with the functional fitness experience by @train_boutique_fitness. The days drew to a close with a cardio Zumba session with @gusmarimaritz.

The Main Reasons I Attend Fit Affair

  • The event caters for everyone including families. This means that my #FitFam gets to workout with me.
  • I get to meet and hang out with like-minded individuals. The regular Fitness Fanatics show up in all their glory to not only workout, but to encourage and motivate participants who are on their individual fitness journeys.
  • Rather honestly … Fit Affair is a vibe

IMG_20180630_175454_436.jpg IMG_20180630_163446_487.jpg





Fit Affair 4

It’s definitely been an exceptionally cold and long winter. The welcoming of Spring just happens to coincide with Fit Affair 4. Its time to bring the heat and join in on the action as we get ever closer to the summer months.¬†¬†Fit Affair 4 will take place on Saturday, 1 September in Muldersdrift between 8-11am. The line-up includes celeb trainer Mika Stefano who will lead the warm up. So be prepared for to say #MikaMadeMeSquat! A bodyweight team challenge session with Simone Jacobs Fit is sure to get your heart pumping. You can also expect a fantastic resistance band session with wellness and fitness business owner, Lisa Raleigh. The days events will finish up with a killer ‚Äėcardio-dance‚Äô session by @macdavaan and @_fitnessicon_ so be prepared to get your party on!


I am giving away tickets to Fit Affair 4, so make sure to enter on my Instagram page. T’s & C’s apply.

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FIBO Global Fitness Africa is heading to Johannesburg

The announcement came at the end of May 2018¬†that the world‚Äôs biggest trade show for fitness, wellness and health, FIBO Global Fitness is coming to South Africa.¬† I followed the show that took place in Cologne, Germany via Instagram and I can’t express enough how excited I was to attend the FIBO Africa show.¬† Those who follow my journey will tell you that I am the Queen of Fitness Events because FITNESS is indeed a lifestyle.


If I wasn’t excited enough already, I received a call asking me to be a Fitness Influencer for the event.¬† An absolute surprise but one that has me jumping for joy.


Global Fitness Africa will take place at the Ticketpro Dome in Johannesburg. Over the three days, FIBO will present an exciting summit and festival showcasing all that is hip, happening and futuristic in the world of fitness, wellness and health.


As a visitor, you will be will be able to explore the latest developments in the fitness and wellness world and immerse yourself in exercise apparel, work-out equipment and nutrition goods. You will be able to get active and get involved in various group fitness activities or feel inspired watching fitness competitions.

To ensure that visitors get the maximum out of your visit to FIBO, eight unique zones have been developed. They are:

  1. FitBody: Focusing on wellness and beauty, visitors will be able to find out about the latest and best in the beauty business.
  2. FitFood: Focusing on nutrition this zone is all about clean eating, health supplements and natural nutrients to boost your body.
  3. FitGear: Focusing on interior, equipment and consulting services, this zone will showcase all types of machinery to maximize muscles and movement as well as the latest must-haves for gym.
  4. FitKids: Focusing on starting kids’ fitness, this zone aims to uncover our future fitness stars.
  5. FitStudio: Focusing on group training and fitness, visitors will discover trusted training to motivate movement.
  6. FitTech: Focusing on the latest technology and trends in the health and fitness world, visitors will be able to experience fitness like never before.
  7. FitTravel: Focusing on destinations that will keep you in shape, visitors will be able to plan their next trip knowing that their fitness needs will be taken care of.
  8. FitWear: Focusing on apparel, this zone is all about getting fashion fit and to help visitors train in trending gear.

FIBO Global Fitness Africa is about action, power, passion, thousands of people enjoying fitness, clothing, shopping, nutrition, new equipment and exciting concepts.

The official launch of FIBO¬†Africa 2018 took place at Go Health Club in Sandton on Wednesday 28 May 2018.¬† To my surprise, FIBO Africa asked me to share my transformation journey at the launch.¬† Truth be told, I was super nervous, talking about my experience made me exceptionally emotional.¬† I didn’t realise how much my journey meant to me, until I stood on that stage and shared my story.¬† It was great to listen to the other influencers share their stories.¬† Real people, Real stories!!!


So if you would like to hear more about our stories and how we have found our FIT in Fitness, you can find us at the show.  You will be captivated by the wide range of exhibitions and activities; from trendy functional sports clothing, equipment, innovative training techniques, nutrition and wellness treatments to active participation in various special fitness classes and competitions.

Be a FIBO-natic and find your Fit in Fitness. Book your tickets now through Computicket and join the biggest gathering of the fitness tribes in Africa at FIBO Global Fitness Africa, Ticketpro Dome from 25 Р27 October 2018.



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Fitness is a Fit Affair

If you have been following my journey, you are probably asking yourself why I attended Fitness Magazine’s Fit Affair 2.0 that was held in Pretoria this weekend.

Well, it’s pretty simple.¬† Firsly, I love fitness events.¬† Secondly, fitness is a lifestyle and even though I may be battling an injury it is important that my mental game is strong. That’s why attending Fit Affair 2.0¬† was a no brainer.¬† Thirdly, you can’t beat the energy and vibe at a fitness event.¬† Events like these allow me the opportunity to keep the momentum going.¬† Besides, it means I get to hang and workout with my #fitfam and that’s the best part of it.


It’s the beginning of winter and the temperature at 8am was a chilly 8 degrees celsius.¬† The cold start didn’t last very long and the sun soon began to bake down on us, it wasn’t long before we started to feel the heat.

A tad frosty

The lineup started off with a stretch and activation session, which was followed by a¬†Brazilian Booty workout which had us moving to the beat.¬† This was pretty much the only workout I could get involved in so I did my own thing and made the most of it.¬† It’s about listening to my body (and my doctor) but keeping my energy and spirits high.¬† It’s super easy to become demotivated and frustrated when faced with an injury, which in turn can see you fall off the bus.¬† I’ve come too far to let a set-back mess me up, so I’d rather be the girl who finds the silver lining.

Enter a caption

The last session was a HIIT workout, which I couldn’t do at all.¬† I must admit I had a serious case of FOMO watching from the sidelines.¬† I was however able to play photographer and it was amazing to watch my friends embrace this fitness event.¬† They were in it to win it and gave it their all.¬† I was so glad they decided to join me for this event because they left feeling amped and motivated.¬† Now this is what fitness events do for me and I was glad that I got to share it with my friends.

All in all another fabulous morning of getting up and getting moving.  Really hoping to see you at the next fitness event.  Check my Instagram account for more deets.

Fitness event

Addicted to Fitness Events

Hi! My name is Natasha and I am addicted to fitness events.

Fitness Addict

If you are following me on Instagram then you will know that I absolutely and totally love attending Fitness Events. I really can’t seem to get enough of them. Is it the actual fitness, hanging out with like-minded individuals or the unbelievable amount of fun and feel good vibes experienced? Well, for me it is actually all of the above.

I recently attended Botle’s Fitness Fest. Adidas brand ambassador, Botle Kayamba hosted her first of many fitness events in Johannesburg. For weeks leading up to the event she had promised us loads fun and a whole lot of sweat …. and boy did she deliver.


Botle asked me to be the MC for the event and I really couldn’t say no to a woman I admire and respect tremendously, but this was a first for me and very much out of my comfort zone. I however have to admit that it was loads of fun and I love that my journey is forcing me to operate well outside of my comfort zone.

After registration and striking a pose for the camera guy, the proceedings were underway. Ntsekie Majoro and Sello Seboka, put us through our paces. The high intensity boot camp had everyone sweating up a storm. I honestly don’t think I ever moved that fast in my entire life. Both personal trainers were completely amped and pushed the crowd to give their very best. It was super special to see Ntsekie again as he was the person pushing me when I started this journey in January 2017. I couldn’t afford him as a personal trainer, but that didn’t stop him from motivating me to push myself.


After a well-deserved and much-needed water break, it was time to shake what our mammas gave us. Loads of fun was had as we did the Vosho, Gwaragwara, lotsa twerking, Pantsula, Kwasakwasa, Qopetsa, Twalatsa and NaeNae. Some of you are wondering what the hell am I talking about. Well these are dance styles synonymous with South Africa. They are dance styles that get those hips moving while you listen to the beat of the music. YouTube it, if you must and then try it. Even Rihanna knows how to Gwaragwara.

I almost forgot to mention that Botle’s Fitness Fest produced one of the coolest fitness goodies bags ever. We were definitely spoilt at this event and I can’t wait for the next one.

Best of all, is that I got to hang out and workout with friends, work colleagues and insta friends who are now real friends. I absolutely love my #FitSquad. Friends who workout together most certainly stay together.
I can’t wait to see you at the next fitness event Beautifuls.

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Neon Exercise Evening with the Kids

In the month of February, my kids and I headed off to the Neon Exercise Night in Centurion at the Els Club hosted by Karmically Fused.  Karmically Fused was founded in 2009, by best friends, who both have the passion for helping people to become better versions of themselves.

Managing Director, Clair Buck said they wanted to create an exercise event for the whole family.¬† As a fit mom in the making, one of the biggest frustrations I face is not always being able to workout with my kids. Fitness events are on the rise, however there isn’t much that caters for simultaneous workouts for both parents and kids. Yes some gyms have these facilities but they do come at a price and let’s be honest not everyone can afford a gym membership for each child. Gyms also have restrictions in terms of supervision and the type of exercises performed by them which means that the kids are often bored and frustrated.¬† Which really translates to “parents are frustrated AF”.

This is why the Neon Exercise Evening appealed so much to me.  The line-up included kiddy yoga lead by Clair herself, African gumboot dancing, Zumba and even bootcamp for the kids.   The line-up also included the kid’s yoga Brand Ambassador for Magic Mat and its Little Secret.  The Magic Mat series is a magical tool for teaching yoga to 5 to 12-year-old kids.

We arrived in our neon gear ready for some fun under the stars.  Upon arrival and after registration, we made our way to the talented face painters who used special glow in the dark paints.  I opted to have my tattoo coloured in instead of my face.

I’m just a big kid at heart

Seeing as the event is done in the dark, specialized lighting was used to ensure everyone glowed beautifully.   I must admit it looked fantastic and the kids absolutely loved it.

The Neon Exercise Evening was filled with energy and fun. Classes were run by qualified instructors, dancers and personal trainers. The weather on that particular Friday wasn’t great at all and a few minutes into the workout the rain began.¬† The amazing part is that almost everyone continued to dance and workout in the rain.¬† The kids were in their element and the eccentric Zumba instructor had us laughing¬† like crazy while we moved to the beat.¬† All music and instructions for the event were actually heard through headphones.¬† My boys said that was the coolest part of the evening.

There were also various stalls selling goods from health products, natural cosmetics and  food.

Sharing the experience with my kids was really awesome and we had such a wonderful evening that we are looking forward to the next Neon Exercise Night.

Events such as these reinforce the importance of fitness, healthy living and quality time spent together as a family. Fitness workouts help develop athletic skills. The kids get the opportunity to learn basic goal-setting skills and it definitely boosts ones self-esteem.

The Neon Night will be held in various locations throughout South Africa. This was the first event and with it being the first event you always get a few teething problems.  Despite some issues, it was a fantastic night and I can see this event growing from strength to strength.

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Planet Fitness Sweat Party

Those of you that know me, will know that I absolutely love fitness events.

This time I headed off to the Planet Fitness Sweat Party held in association with¬†USN and Women’s Health Magazine.¬† The event was held at the Nelson Mandela¬†Square in Sandton which made for a grand venue, especially with the majestic statue of Madiba towering over us in the background.

Sharing in the Madiba Magic

A total of approximately 700 men, women and children attended the event and the fact that this event was for everyone justified my excitement.¬† It meant that I could workout with my kids and seeing that I’m on a mission to get my kids living a healthy and active life this was the ideal event for us.

He’s definitely #FitLikeMummy

Host Siv Ngesi brought the energy and his dynamic personality as he kicked off the event.  Let me not forget to mention that he brought the moves as well.  His witty and out-there sense of humour had everyone pumped and rearing to go.  My little one was super excited to meet the uber dynamic Siv in person.

Skylar & Siv Ngesi


We eased into the proceedings for the day with a warm-up of Sun Salutation Yoga, which was followed by a very intense Zumba challenge and Brazilian Booty Blast that I will be feeling for days.  Then it was more Zumba Fitness and Strong by Zumba which definitely turned the mornings event into a sweat party of note.  The fact that it was an exceptionally hot day magnified the situation and we were sweating up a storm.  And of all days I decided to workout in white.

The highlight of fitness events is the introduction of new and exciting workouts.  The Planet Fitness Sweat Party introduced PILOXING which is basically a combination where Boxing meets Pilates meets Dance.  This was hands-down my favorite workout of the day and is definitely the type of exercise that appeals to me and my personality.

The day came to an end with Bollywood fusion followed by a Yoga cool down. All in all it was a fantastic morning and even though we finished earlier than scheduled I honestly think everyone was super grateful as it was exceptionally hot and space was limited.¬† USN treated everyone with samples of their products all morning long and then if that wasn’t enough we were given a parting gift and sent on our merry and sweaty way with a Spike in hand.

This event was exceptionally special for me because I got to meet so many people who follow me and my blog.  It was so lovely to hear about their journeys and experiences.  Words will never be able to express the gratitude I feel for the kind words of encouragement and thanks received on the day.  Days like these reaffirm how surrounding yourself with like-minded people is essentially the key to winning at maintaining a healthy lifestyle change.


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Fit Night Out Cape Town

When Women’s Health SA advertised late last year that Fit Night Out, Cape Town was on the cards for early 2018, I had a serious case of FOMO and very impulsively decided to book my ticket. Maybe this is the point where I mention that I actually live in Johannesburg.¬† Travel all the way for a fitness event? I hear you ask.¬† Well who wouldn’t when #FNO¬†is a gathering of women from all walks of life who do so in the name of fitness and fun.¬†Women’s Health has created a platform that is all about women empowerment, self-acceptance and love and a whole lot of letting your hair down, getting your beautiful bodies moving and building up a sweat. In short,¬† FNO is an epic workout party and one you seriously shouldn’t miss.

The weekend finally arrived and I hopped onto a plane headed to the Mother City for some fun in the sun.¬† Little did I know that I would be presented with an opportunity to hang with and interview fitness experts who inspire and motivate me.¬† This was truly the stuff dreams are made of and I was absolutely beside myself.¬† I mean I was spending a weekend with my amazing friends, they were going to experience my lifestyle change in person (instead of on Instagram) and …. I was getting to meet the people who have impacted my life in the most profound way.

With approximately 1700 women in attendance, almost doubling 2017’s register, it was a truly magnificent summer’s day with¬†DJ Zar pumping out the coolest of the coolest tunes.¬† As the sun blazed down upon us ladies, the rhythm took control and as¬†energy levels increased, uncertainty and nervousness washed away for the first-timers readying us for an amazing evening of fitness fun.

The event kicked off with Grid workouts at the Virgin Active stand, photo ops at the Shield stand and some retail therapy at the Adidas store.

An impressive line up of some of SA’s top fitness experts was scheduled for the night.

  • Ceri Hannan and his team kicked of the night with an energising warm-up.
  • Women’s Health #NextFitStar Inge Viljoen took us back in time with an 80’s aerobic workout.
  • Queen Fitnass pulled off an impressive skipping demo
  • PopUpGym with Letshego Zulu and Queen Fitnass demonstrated a killer partner workout
  • Inge Viljoen challenged former Miss SA, Melinda Bam to a workout (check out the March issue of Women’s Health Mag to find out how she got them abs)
  • Yoga with¬†Earthchild Project lead by the uber sassy Noks
  • Afropop Gumboot Class with 33Concepts
  • Rumble Boxing Class with Virgin Active

Additional intense workouts by Queen Fitnass, Takkies and Fitness Bunnie got the ladies moving at the Shield Stage while Siv N and Aneeke aka FitGirlZA amped things up on the other end at the Powerade stage.

Shield #FitSquad with  @sbahle_mpisane, @queenfitnass  and  @takkies7 were #ShieldReady

Boy oh boy, did the #FITSQUAD bring the heat.¬† What better ambassadors than these three remarkable fitness experts, to put Shield’s Invisible Black & White range to the test of all tests.¬† These ladies are absolute powerhouses and are always on the move. Fit Night Out was no exception.

QueenFitnass performed several demonstrations and if you follow her on Instagram,¬†you will know that this titan of a woman knows no limits and its easy to see that #NeverDone is the epitome of everything she encompasses.¬† Having recently given birth to a beautiful baby girl, sexy fit mom¬†Takkies¬†helped the ladies get in touch with their sexy selves.¬† This¬†Creator/Founder of Rockingnheels Dance Workout and choreographer showed off her moves and the ladies were keen to follow suit.¬† Takkies is an excellent example for all women out there that there are #NoExcuses.¬† She is real and oh so relatable.¬† Last but most certainly not least of the #FitSquad is Sbahle aka¬†FitnessBunnie.¬† Her high intensity workout had the ladies pretty much in it to win it … of course I’m referring to the spot prizes that Shield handed out on the day.¬† She was relentless and pushed the ladies to give it their absolute all.¬† Aside from her demonstration, FitnessBunnie was also wonderfully supportive, encouraging and dancing alongside her #FitSquad when they performed on stage. If fitness¬†videos and meal guides are what you’re after then this entrepreneur and fitness expert is indeed the one to follow.

Shields latest innovation for the invisible range is “specially formulated with Clearex and Micro-Crystal technology.¬† As a result it offers less product buildup with the same 48-hour protection ‚Äď so your clothes stay protected and so do you”.¬† The fact that almost everyone in attendance was dressed in black and white, really made this the perfect opportunity to determine if Shield’s latest innovation was all it’s cracked up to be.¬† So it¬† was exceptionally apt that the awesome goodie bags we received, contained Shield Products so all the ladies were indeed #ShieldReady for Fit Night Out.

Low and behold, after 7 hours of working out and running around taking pics as well as conducting interviews, I can honestly say no white marks on black tops; no yellow stains on my FNO white vest and despite me sweating up a storm, I was and definitely felt protected.

Fit Night Out is powered by @womenshealthmagsa and @adidasza in partnership with @shieldza, @totalsports_sa, @virginactivesa, #powerade and #polaroideyewear .

FNO Goodie Bag

See you soon Durban and Johannesburg, because Fit Night Out will be heading your way sooner than you know it.