CadburY’s read to Succeed Initiative – Empowering Children Through Stories In Their own Language

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One of the skills I wish I had developed as a child was the ability to love to read. Reading is something I struggle with, but I’ve made an effort to change that with my kids. Understanding the importance of loving to read, I’m beyond excited about Cadbury‘s read to succeed initiative which is empowering children through stories in their own language.

Cadbury’s read to succeed initiative is empowering children through stories in their own language. A love of reading is sparked when children see themselves in stories relatable it to their lives. This is even more so when it is shared in their home language. 

Early literary specialist, author and translator agrees that when children learn to read in their mother tongues it’s much easier to build on that foundation. However, a survey by the Publishers Association SA (2016) highlighted that only approximately 2% of children books published commercially in South Africa are in local African languages.

– Xolisa Guzula

What’s happening in our schools

The effects are seen in our schools, based on the 2016 Progress in International Reading Study (PIRLS)*, which is conducted every 5 years across several countries, 78% of South African Grade 4 learners are unable to read for meaning.


Is a national reading for enjoyment campaign to spark children’s potential through storytelling and reading. Nal’ibali is founded on the ethos of giving children access to stories in their home language. The organisation firmly believes that literacy skills are a strong predictor of future academic success. Children who regularly read and hear engaging stories, in their home languages are better equipped and motivated.

CadBury Dairy Milk continues with its generosity

Knowing this Cadbury Dairy Milk, through its inherent generosity, has committed to addressing this need through the recently established Read To Succeed initiative. This three-year initiative aims to ignite a love for reading amongst children across the country. This will be done by making books in their home language more accessible. Cadbury Dairy Milk, in partnership with Nal’ibali, has set a goal. The goal is to create and translate “a Glass and a Half” (1 500) new stories for children in their home languages, over the next three years.

Reading aids learning

“Children are naturally intelligent and just need us to create immersive spaces conducive for learning. If there aren’t African language books in our libraries or homes, how can we blame children for not being able to read? If children never read about airplanes, mountains, cars, dinosaurs and more, and encounter these words – and concepts – for the first time in tests translated from English into their home language, how can we expect them to do well?”

– Guzula

Cultivating a culture of reading

CEO of Nal’ibali shares that the organisation aims to make reading material accessible to children in their home languages. And that they want to create a demand for reading. Reading books in one’s home language also enhances self-worth. #InOurOwnWords

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Do you agree that cultivating a culture of reading is one of the essential building blocks for our future leaders? Drop us a comment and share your thoughts on this initiative.

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  1. Hi there

    I definitely agree that reading is an essential building block for our future leaders! It teaches them to not take things at face value, but rather to question, challenge and question for themselves. Reading creates creativity. Reading enables a child to imagine, see life from different points of view and most importantly learn about different cultures, people of different backgrounds from themselves as well expands their knowledge. It is such a pleasure to have a conversation with a child about something that he/she has read, it shows a yearn for learning and it makes them feel good about themselves! The merits of reading and it’s benefits cannot be promoted enough!


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