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Budget Family Getaway to Mauritius

Mauritius family getaway
We found paradise on a budget

Travel out of Season

Prices in Mauritius, like most popular family holiday destinations, vary drastically according to the season. Supply and demand means prices go through the roof during peak periods and school holidays. April and May are the best months to visit Mauritius with the weather still warm and winds minimal. Temperatures spike in November and December resulting in travellers flocking to the island. That being said August to September is probably the best months to visit Mauritius. January and February is cyclone season, so prices often drop, although your idyllic island holiday could, potentially be an absolute disaster. We decided to temp fate and headed to the island in February. The weather was amazing however there were pockets of rain especially in the afternoons.

Palm fringed shores, white sandy beach and crystal clear waters

All-inclusive packages

Your best bet while holidaying in Mauritius is to book an all inclusive package. These packages usually include accommodation, flights and transfers, all meals, drinks and a limited range of alcoholic beverages. Our package included all water sport at the resort which was an absolute win. This way you know exactly what your costs will be without any hidden surprises.

Eat all you can buffets make my guys happy


While I’m a huge Airbnb fan, resort life is the better option when holidaying in Mauritius. Aside from all-inclusive packages, resorts have daily activities to keep you entertained at no extra cost. Kids clubs mean down time for adults while the kids are kept occupied. Many resorts have access to their own private beach, a quick walk away instead of paying for transport to get to a beach.

Living that Resort Life

Street Food

The rule of thumb is to eat where the locals eat. Not only will you experience your travel destination in its purest form but you will also eat on a budget. Western food always costs a fortune when travelling, so step outside your comfort zone and feast on the local cuisine.

Public transport

While island tour operators offer hassle-free transfers between resorts and major attractions, they can be rather pricey. Taxis don’t come cheap in Mauritius either and thanks to the traffic you can expect to pay more. The option to negotiate your rate does however exist. If using a taxi i’d recommend to book one for the day and negotiate a better rate.

If you want to do plenty of exploring it’s worth hiring a car. One-day rentals are easy to arrange and can be more cost-effective.

If you’re really watching your budget then public transport is an option. This was the option we chose as the island’s bus network connects most corners of the island. It’s an affordable way to get around but can be time consuming.

We took the bus to the Grand Baie market and the Waterfront.

Plan ahead

There’s no escaping tourist attractions at a popular travel destination. The entrance fees at many of the top attractions in Mauritius can be hefty, but exploring them independently is still cheaper than organised tours. There are several things to see and do that won’t cost you a cent but its best to do your research and plan ahead. Free public access to all beaches in Mauritius makes beach days the perfect activity. And why not when you will be spoilt for choice with 160 km worth of crystal clear waters and white sandy shorelines. We spent our days at Trou Aux Biches which is rated as one of the best beaches in Mauritius. Calm shallow water make this ideal for families travelling with kids. Read on to find more tips for a budget family getaway to Mauritius.

Sea kayaking

Skip the shopping expedition

Travel should be about experiencing a new place, its culture, food, people and traditions. While many travel to shop, I highly recommend skipping the shopping expedition. Everything found in Mauritius can easily be found back home in South Africa. I’m also someone who believes that we should be shopping back home as it helps our economy.

We headed to Mauritius to celebrate my son’s 16th birthday. Read why we are all about Gifts of Experiences, Over Gifts of Things by clicking HERE.

While we only spent 5 days on the island, we had an incredibly relaxing vacation. As a result we are planning to return on another budget family getaway to Mauritius. I hope these tips come in handy and persuade you to visit the gorgeous island of Mauritius.

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