My Boudoir Photo Shoot Left Me Embracing My Badassery

Anyone who truly knows me, will tell you that despite being plus size I don’t lack in the confidence department. I love my curves, big booty and thick thighs. My recent boudoir photo shoot has left me embracing my badassery even more so than normal.

Boudoir photography has become very popular of late, yet many women still sit on the fence as to whether they should or should not have a boudoir shoot done. As women we tend to be hard and overcritical on ourselves. This ends up being the very thing that hold us back from achieving our full potential when it comes to self-acceptance and self-love.

“Boudoir” is a French word meaning a lady’s private dressing room or bedroom. In photography, boudoir refers to a style in which women pose for photographs partially clothed or in lingerie. These photos are also used as a way to document how great you look and feel about yourself at this given time. 

The response to the photos from my boudoir photo shoot has been phenomenal and I have received an influx of wonderful messages complimenting me, cheering me on for doing the shoot and messages from women who have embraced the movement of self-acceptance and self-love.

Two things however have peaked my interest and have left me questioning why we as women think the way we do.

Firstly, I received a few comments saying that my husband is a lucky guy. I have loads of issues with this. If it took hair extensions and make-up to make him realise that he is a lucky guy, then Houston we have a problem. Why, oh why does it have to come down to what the men (or anyone else) thinks about us? Why do we as women give so much power to the thoughts and opinions of others? I (like all of you) am an independent free-thinking woman and doing a boudoir shoot was firstly for myself and secondly for you my followers. When Juanette van Schalkwyk and I discussed the boudoir photo shoot the idea was to empower women to see that true beauty lies within each and every one of you. That all women are beautiful in your own unique and special way, even with stretch marks, fat thighs or saggy boobs (talking about myself here).

Secondly, why were all of you able to see the beauty in me yet you struggle to see it in yourselves? Why is it so easy to compliment and encourage other women, yet you beat yourselves up about almost everything. I’m calling bullshit! It’s time we all embrace our power, embrace our uniqueness and embrace our beauty.

Learn to love the body you have, while you work on the body you want.

Reasons why my boudoir photo shoot left me feeling like a bad ass

Self-acceptance and Self-love is the greatest revolution – Fit Like Mummy
  • We had the most incredible day creating fun memories that will last a lifetime.
  • My body image improved, as these incredible pics helped me see past my flaws.
  • We are super proud of these photos. The final result exceeded our every expectation.
  • It was a huge learning curve and I actually learnt a lot about myself.
  • Self-confidence has never been an issue for me, yet my self-confidence did grow in leaps and bounds.
  • Salome worked her magic with my makeup and hair and my transformation left me feeling insanely beautiful and powerful.
  • I definitely felt empowered. Black and gold are definitely my power colours.
  • Juanette’s coaching and photography style helped me feel uber sexy.
  • I was beyond excited with the shoot and how it impacted my life that I really want to share that experience with you.

My three tips for a successful boudoir photo shoot

  • Use a photographer who specialises in boudoir photography. You need to be comfortable with your photographer as this should be a fun experience.
  • Your hair and make-up artist is also key to beautiful pics. A talented MUA will highlight your natural features in the most incredible way
  • Embrace your badassery


Juanette, Salome and I would love to share the experience with one of you lovelies.

All you have to do enter on the relevant posts on Instagram & Facebook and follow ALL the rules.

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Hair and Make-up by Salome Odendall from Pink Hotness Beauty Boutique

Photography by Juanette van Schalkwyk from DeAnna Photography

Clothing and Accessories – model’s own (thats me!)


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