BioSeal – the solution for teen skin

BioSeal recently sent us three BioSeal products for the entire family to experience.  Due to the fact that Skylar and I have recently tried out similar products, we felt it only fair, to the both the brand and you our followers that we used Ashton for this review. We want to provide an accurate and honest review and if we could find a solution for teen skin at the same time, it would be a win-win situation.

The proudly South African range is aimed at families and is made from a comprehensive list of herbal ingredients. BioSeal claims that it actively nourishes, heals and seals. A nourishing body cream that heals, protects, and seals your families skin.

Ashton’s skin issues

Ashton’s skin is normally dry in winter, but swimming aggravates his existing condition. The chemicals used in the swimming pool leave his skin ashy with white patches, As a teen, Ashton also has mild acne on his face and shoulder area.

BioSeal Ingredients

BioSeal is a natural and herbal solution for the entire families skincare needs. We love that you only need one product and that BioSeal provides that. The formulation is based on well-known and safe herbal extracts, fruit acids and emollient oils to give you a product for complete skin health. BioSeal is a herbal skin care product that provides a soothing, healing skin care solution.

BioSeal, keeps your skin actively nourished, healed, and sealed as it contains a wide range of herbal and fruit extracts as listed above.

Is BioSeal suitable for teen skin?

Ashton commenced using Bioseal on 13 July 2019. His teen skin was extremely dry and his acne has worsened over the last few months. We focussed on his arms, face, legs and shoulders, with our main area of concern being his face for obvious reasons.

Results after 21 days of using BioSeal

The proof is in the proverbial pudding they say. Photo on the left shows Ashton’s dehydrated skin; breakouts on his face (especially the chin area) and blackheads on his T-zone. Despite his skin looking extremely dry in the photo on the left, Ashton’s skin was excessively oily.

Photo on the right (taken on 4 August 2019) clearly shows that his skin is hydrated with less breakouts. The dry white patches around his mouth are a thing of the past. The photo also reveals that his pores are smaller (could be my imagination or the lighting … not 100% sure on this point). Ashton’s skin displays a noticeable improvement after only 3 weeks. I normally prefer to do a review after 4 weeks so I will continue to monitor and will post an update on social media regarding his journey with BioSeal. Thus far, I am over the moon that we have finally found a natural product that works for teen skin.

Overall, we love the texture of BioSeal which is extremely light and smooth. It allows one’s skin to breath and doesn’t feel oily on the skin. It’s suitable for the entire family which makes it a super convenient product. BioSeal which is made from a variety of herbs smells alot like being in nature. The herbal scent may however not be everyone’s cup of tea. The BioSeal products are super affordable ranging from R45 to R100 (excluding shipping). While the product is only available online, BioSeal does have special offerings regarding shipping.

As a healing body cream, BioSeal is manufactured with your family’s busy lifestyle in mind. Helping to fight off bacteria, heal wounds, and keep skin actively nourished,

We can definitely attest to the fact that the product definitely nourishes, heals and repairs. Available online at

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