Benefits of hiking for teens

95 days in lock-down has resulted in South Africans living a more sedentary lifestyle. This seems to bide exceptionally well for teenagers who are prone to isolating themselves. Today, we are chatting about the benefits of hiking for teens especially as they ease back into the normal (not so normal) world.

A sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of adolescent depression

Consequently, teens isolate themselves and use technology for connection and distraction. While lock-down has played right into their hands, the truth is that it is time to break the cycle and get our teens moving. It is important to keep in mind that lengthy periods of isolation for teens could have long lasting effects far beyond Covid-19. Teens and loneliness have become a norm. The greater concern would be when the feeling of loneliness starts to impact their mental health.

Importance of exercise for teens

If exercising was easy, everyone would do it all the time. Unfortunately, it is far too convenient to forgo exercise in favour of doing something else. Exercise is absolutely necessary not only to live a healthier life, but to enjoy the time that is spent not exercising more. The good news is, one of the benefits of hiking for teens is that it doesn’t have to feel like exercise.

Some of the Benefits of Hiking for Teens

The benefits of hiking for teens are numerous however, a few of them include:

  1. Hiking is loads of fun and the perfect bonding experience. It provides a fantastic distraction from the daily stresses we face.
  2. Going on regular hikes improves ones physical well-being. Hiking can simply be useful to stay in good shape.
  3. Exercise such as hiking can help improve mood and concentration levels.
  4. Being in the great outdoors and away from technology is a great conversation starter. I strongly believe this is vitally important when raising teens.
  5. Connecting with nature provides time for teens to reflect and discover who they truly are.
  6. Hiking is a great opportunity to digital detox even if it is only for an hour or two.
  7. Hiking can alleviate the effects of stress and even help with depression.
  8. You can expect improved sleep after an awesome hiking session. Did you know that a lack of sleep severely affects our mental health and well-being.
  9. Hiking is a way to educate your teens about the environment and how they have an impact on the world they live in.
  10. Nothing will help develop an appreciation for nature like hiking will.

Lock-down adventures

Now that I have decided to home-school the boys, regular adventures in nature are essential. We recently went on our first hike and it was absolutely magnificent. Moments of togetherness, moments or laughter and moments of silence made for the perfect adventure.

Our 10 km hike at Modderfontein Nature Reserve was the perfect solution to our cabin fever. It was great to be out of the house and even with Covid-19 social distancing rules in place we enjoyed the freedom of the great outdoors. We also cashed in on an awesome dose of Vitamin D which is lacking with us always being indoors.

Did I mention that we found Cliff’s Montagu Snacks Father’s Day box? Well, we did (in the car) so it made for the perfect healthy snacking while we hiked the reserve.

Another outdoor adventure to consider during lock-down Level 3 is game drives so check this out.

Please leave a comment suggesting some awesome places to go hiking because we really want to hike more often and discover the beauty that Jozi has to offer.

Until our next adventure.


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