Hellos, I’m Ashton

Creative and joker of team Fit Like Mummy

I’m Natasha’s eldest child and I am 16 years old. My mum says I’m brilliant and a highly creative child. I must admit that I’m extremely kind and I have a hilarious sense of humour. I have them in stitches just about every opportunity I get.

While I live an extraordinary life, it isn’t always sunshine and roses. Aside from facing normal teen issues, I face serious obstacles on a daily basis. At the age of 9, I was diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety disorder and depression. In December 2019 I was also diagnosed with BPD. It was then that I made the extremely brave decision to share my story on social media in the hope’s of helping others living with mental health disorders. I am also a volunteer at The Human Library.

Sport and the art are used to help cope with my conditions. I’m a Level 2 swimmer who swims for the Electric Eels. I’ve also just also passed Level 2 at Bounce Flight Academy.

I hated reading when I was younger, however that has changed. Reading has become my happy place and I’m kinda obsessed with buying books. My aim is to read 10 books per month. I love drawing as well. I am an absolute daredevil who loves the great outdoors and adventuring.

Ashton the bookworm

I’m extremely playful by nature and love working on my mums nerves. My family means the world to me. My mum is my best friend and can’t image life without her and Sky. I’m fortunate to have two dads who love me as well.

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