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Aqua de Vida Distilled Water Review

The water conscious movement has been driven exceptionally hard of late.  The consumption of water is essential to live but is also a huge focus for serious fitsters and people wanting to lose weight.  Everyone speaks about drinking 2 litres of water a day which in itself is a mammoth task for me.  All this talk about quantity versus quality sparked my interest in distilled water and Aqua de Vida, during my prep phase for FIBO Global Fitness Africa last October.

During my prep phase, I had to consume a mother-load of water which also included pure distilled water.  It was the first time I had heard about pure distilled water.  Honestly, the only time I had ever heard about distilled water prior to this was in relation to motor vehicles.  I was curious to know what the difference between normal tap water versus distilled water was, which I’m sure is what you would also like to know.

What is distilled water?

Distilled water is in fact water.  It just has no added chemicals, no added salts, and no additives.  It’s often described as a pure source of water.

The water goes through a process of distillation.  In this process water is heated up to boiling point, letting it boil to produce steam and condensing the steam with the intention of collecting the liquid produced from the steam.

The purpose of distilling water is to eliminate any dirt, minerals or other substances that make water impure.  These impurities stay behind and are not able to evaporate along with the pure water. Repeating the process will determine the purity of the water.

The Pros of Drinking Distilled Water

Avoid Chlorine.

Consume the Purest Water Possible.

Promote Natural Detox.

Improve Digestion.

Avoid Confusing Health Issues.

Prevent Water-Borne Diseases.

Improve Health and Appearance of Your Skin and Hair.

Save Money.

The Cons of Drinking Distilled Water

The main risks of drinking only distilled water are associated with the lack of dissolved minerals, such as magnesium and calcium.  Seeing as you should be getting majority of your nutrients and minerals from your food, this isn’t really an issue.

My Verdict

Over the past month I have changed from drinking sparkling water to Aqua De Vida pure distilled water to as to determine if Pure Distilled Water is all its cracked up to be. 

Pure Distilled Water

Firstly, as already mentioned I hate water and struggle to drink two litres a day.  I however really like the taste of Aqua De Vida and the taste test confirms that you can indeed #TasteTheDifference.  No smell of chlorine either.  On the second day after commencing with Aqua De Vida pure distilled water, I have terrible detox headaches.  My body was dehydrated at the point as I wasn’t drinking a sufficient amount of water.  By day three, my headaches were a thing of the past and I noticed an improvements in my digestive system.  My skin is absolutely glowing at the moment and the only skin care regime I have is using bath soap to wash my face.  Touch wood, but I haven’t had any breakouts in the pass few weeks.  My hair is also looking healthy for a change.  In all honesty, I don’t use any vitamins or anything in that line.  I adopted a lifestyle of eating a balanced diet and drinking tons of water.

Of course good things take time, so be patient and show yourself some love! You will only start to see a noticeable differences between 2-3 weeks, but once you see them, you will know!

Celebratory Giveaway with Aqua De Vida

I honestly enjoy the taste of Aqua De Vida, so when presented with the opportunity to become a brand ambassador, I couldn’t help but jump at it.

To celebrate my latest Ambassadorship, Aqua De Vida and I are giving one lucky person a month supply of pure distilled water.  All you have to do is follow Aqua De Vida on Instagram and sign up to follow my blog Fit Like Mummy.  T & C’s can be found on the relevant Instagram post.

– Taste The Difference –


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