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Albany Bread Launched Tamper-proof Packaging

In short, the only thing I love more than bread is Albany bread. It’s been my brand of choice in like forever and they have impressed me yet again. Albany Bread launched tamper-proof packaging. Consumers are guaranteed peace of mind with the introduction of Albany’s recently launched tamper-proof packaging.

What may seem as a tad extra, is actually very much a necessity in the crazy world we live in. People want assurance that what they have bought has not been tainted or contaminated in any way.

Innovative Improvements

In an effort to supply uncompromised bread, Albany has stepped up and jumped ahead of the game. The highly improved and innovative packaging is how Albany will achieve this.

Albany is always looking at ways to improve packaging and this innovation adds to the brand promise. The bakery can guarantee the product integrity by providing a laser heat seal. This allows the consumer to detect whether any tampering has occurred. “This is an additional measure to ensure hygiene and product safety which has become an expectation”, says De Graaff.

Improvements at the Bakery

The innovative improvements to the packaging resulted in changes to the bakery. Albany’s new packaging meant changes to the bakery. Albany will put 68 machines through their paces. I really thought it would be much much more machinery. Can you believe that it only takes 68 machines to produce all the Albany bread?

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The new Albany packaging will include the new ‘Sealed with love’ logo with the ‘new tamper proof seal’ image. This will help consumers immediately recognise the secure packs. 

New Tamper-proof Seal

This is the first ever tamper-proof bread bag in South Africa. Look out for the tamper-proof logo on all packs nationwide.

In other Albany news, read all about the collaboration between Albany and Dr. Esther Mahlangu HERE

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