Natasha and sons

A Mother’s Intuition should never be underestimated

Being a mom aint for sissies. It’s probably the hardest, yet most rewarding job in the world. While I fully understand that not all mothers are created equal, the fact is … a mother’s intuition should never be underestimated.


Is a journey that’s freaking difficult to say the least. Motherhood is both painful and rewarding all at the same time. While we assume it will get easier as our babies get older, the truth is that each age has its challenges.

A Mother’s Love

From the moment you conceive, a child will test you in the most unimaginable way. However a mother’s patience and unconditional love knows no bounds. No matter what they do or say, being a mother means you will love your child to the ends of the earth no matter how many times they will break your heart.

Mom Knows Best

Nothing trumps a mother’s intuition, but not all moms have it. The terms “maternal instinct” and “mother’s intuition” are often used interchangeably, but it’s important to distinguish between them.

  • “Maternal instinct” implies a biologically based, in-born knowledge that tells us how to parent.
  • “Mother’s intuition” involves your gut feelings that happen without conscious or deliberate weighing of facts. Mother’s rely on problem-solving intuitions, social intuitions, moral intuitions and creative intuitions.
Natasha and sons
Mother’s Intuition is my saving grace and greatest ally

A Mother’s Intuition

  1. Problem-solving intuition – You are the expert on your child. No one knows your child better than you do. The expertise that you’ve gained from spending copious amounts of time with your child can translate into “gut feelings” about how to respond in certain situations.
  2. Social intuition – Is pretty much based on our past experiences and relationships. This helps one become good at “reading” people.
  3. Moral intuition Involves your “gut feelings” about what’s right or wrong.
  4. Creative intuition – Is the kind of intuition that involves gaining a new insight by following a “hunch”. It involves combining knowledge in new ways.

Take the time to get to know our children

The better we know our children, the more experience we will have making parenting decisions and learning from them. By developing our “instincts” we will be better equipped to help our children when and if the need arises.

I am a mom who for more than 16 years has been fully committed and engaged when it comes to my role as a mother. I spend as much time with my children as humanly possible and am often criticised for spending too much time with them.

As a result, I can attest to the fact that the time spent with them has given me the edge when it comes to Mother’s Intuition. I know my kids better than they know themselves and certainly better than anyone else does.

Mother’s intuition has been an absolute life saver for our family. Click HERE for more info on my journey as a mother.

Block out the noise – A Mother’s Instinct Counts

Moms are constantly bombarded with a bottomless pit of opinions, information and criticism about how they raise their kids. From the internet, social media and parenting magazines, to the blogosphere moms ensuring we don’t to get a break.

Probably why I can’t stress enough that you need to block out the noise is because a mother’s instinct truly matters. While intuition isn’t an exact science, it can be your greatest asset. Ultimately we should combine our intuition with common sense, experience and knowledge.

As mothers we need to constantly remind ourselves that we got this. We also need to remind our children that no matter what, we love them unconditionally, through the good and the bad. Most importantly, we need to trust our intuition.

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