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It isn’t about winning, but more about crossing the finish line

Those of you who follow me, know that my family is indeed a #FITFAM. I couldn’t look at improving my health and fitness level, without including my kids. Being fit as a family is important to me, as it’s created lasting moments of quality time spent together. I know my kids will look back and cherish our moments of fitness fun.

Fit Family of the Month
It’s so important to me that I’ve decided to do a series about Fit Families who inspire me. Today I’d like to introduce you to Emanuel and his family. Mani (as he is better known as), is a Dad blogger who shares Darren’s and his personal journey as gay parents in South Africa. They are the gorgeous family behind the blog Two Dads & a Kid

Mani has generously agreed to share their story as a Fit Family with us and I’m over the moon and grateful to have them on the blog today.

Their Story
Hubby(Darren) and I both grew up during a period that sport was part of the school curriculum. You weren’t expected to participate in every single sport the school offered, but we were expected to participate in at least one sporting discipline in addition to PE (now known as Physical Training). Darren was into athletics and his rugby. He loved rugby so much that it became part of his career. I on the other hand was exposed to and participated in a variety of sports disciplines ranging from individual activities like squash, athletics and swimming through to group disciplines like soccer and cricket.

Into our adult life, sport or rather physical activities have always been a part of our daily routines. We either at the gym for 30 to 60 minutes doing weights or cardio, or we are on the road, running or cycling. Entering races has become part of your weekend routine, not to win but to finish and improve on your previous race time. When our son was placed with us, he was our support crew with whichever spouse was not participating. Early morning starts became part of our weekend game.

Even before our son came home, it was a given that he would be encouraged to participate in sports. So, it was no surprise that we introduced him to swimming at age 6 months. At this point we attended lessons for about 4 months before he had had enough. So, we stopped. I’m so glad that we attended these lessons though, because a Sunday afternoon a year later he accidentally fell into the pool. Thank God for the lesson, because instinctively he turned himself onto his back and started kicking his legs and moving his arms about. What felt like minutes, was a lot less. When I eventually reached him, he was calm. This scenario could have been deadly, thankfully it wasn’t. Drowning is real! Besides saving your life there are many other benefits to learning how to swim. Swimming is great for the heart, lungs, improving your strength, balance, posture and flexibility. In recent years child obesity has become a huge concern, as it may lead to diabetes, swimming is a great preventative measure.

Although our son disliked the pool for a while, today he is loving his swimming lessons. We’ve introduced him to the world of Karate, Basketball, Soccer and Mountain Biking to bring a little more balance. Of all these disciplines, Mountain biking is where his heart is. He is a true MTB Rider. Seeking all the challenging routes while out on the trails. Although the hills are still his nemesis, if neither Darren or I are around, he will give it his best, refusing to give up, and giving him a sense of achievement. As he matures, being out on his bike will be another way for him to meet and make new friends. Although relatively new to schools, MTB is growing at school level with many events now introducing a prize for the school with the most entrants, for example. The best part of MTB or Cycling is that you can go out onto the trails as a family and it’s a skill your child will have forever.

Benefits of Exercise for Families

  • it improves our moods by releasing endorphins in the brain, that natural ‘high’ you feel after a good workout
  • kids that exercise regularly are more likely to pay attention and switch between tasks with better speed and accuracy
  • perform better on tests regular exercise also builds a child’s self-esteem
  • provides an environment for kids to meet and make new friends

Different Strokes for Different Folks
As a family we don’t necessarily all excel in the same sports. So, for example, Darren enjoys MTB more than I do. For that reason, he tends to be the one hitting the trails with our son. Swimming is my fortes, so besides swimming school, whenever I get the chance I hit the local pool at the gym and basically get our son to show me what he has learnt during swimming class. All three of us enter races. There’s nothing like a medal to boost your spirits and push you to do better.

Final word
Their motto is that as a family they do not give up. They may not be the first to cross the finish line, but they will finish! If you would like to follow these amazingly inspirational dads as they keep fit with their handsome son, then go and vist their blog TWO DADS & A KID and follow them on social media.


Fit Like Mummy Gives EMS Training a Bash

I’ve recently tried out a few EMS workouts at EMS Body Studio at the Bedford Wellness Centre, all in the name of satisfying my curiosity and being able to share my experience with you.  Imagine getting the effects of a three-hour workout in only 20 minutes.  Is that even a possibility? It very well might be possible so I could not resist giving EMS training a bash.

EMS workouts are really making waves in the fitness industry and with people scrambling for more time, this kind of workout claims to be the future of fitness.

What is an EMS workout?

EMS stands for electrical muscle stimulation.  In training, a machine delivers electrical pulses that stimulate muscle contraction.  EMS workouts heighten the contractions and intensify your workout in a way that your body could not possibly do on its own.  So it basically mimics the natural action of our central nervous system, sending electrical impulses to contract our deep muscle fibres.

How does it work?

In just a 20 minute training session, a personal trainer will put you through a customised 1 on 1 program – giving your body over 150 times more muscle contractions than a conventional workout.

Upon arrival you are asked to change into a suit that is provided.  You don’t wear underwear under the suit provided to ensure maximum contact with your skin.  Just so you know, the items are washed and sterilised after each wear.


Your weight and measurements are fed into the computer and then loaded on a card that is assigned to you.  Basically it stores your progress.

My PT  gave a gentle spray of warm water over the electronic pads attached to the vest.  I was strapped into a vest with fabric similar to what’s used in a wetsuit with red and yellow cords poking in and out.  These all come together into a singular plug and are then attached to the unit. Next came the leg straps and the armbands followed.


Shortly after that, an initial assessment is performed to determine your level of tolerance to the actual EMS workout.  Depending on your level of fitness and goals, your training session is either low impact (with basic exercises to awaken muscles) or highly intense, with strong contractions and dynamic exercises to activate deep muscle hypertrophy.  Workouts are customised to suit each client, from heavy strength training to fat and cellulite reduction regimes.


The system activates upwards of 90% of total deep muscle tissue as opposed to conventional weight training which on a good day hits about 50%.  I have a super high pain threshold so the majority of my initial settings were extremely high.  This is where I have to caution you.  If you are known to have a high pain threshold, then I strongly recommend that you ease into these sessions as you need to allow your body to adjust to the intensity that EMS workouts provide.  As the repetitions increased so did the impulses. I followed a routine of basic exercises which was illustrated and communicated by my PT.  Your movements are extremely slow but I caution you not to underestimate the impact.

I would describe the entire experience as intense but rewarding. Your muscles contract to the maximum whilst you complete the movements and slowly work those particular muscle groups.  I experienced muscle pain like never before and I was sore for a few days thereafter, but that was the assurance that EMS workouts are indeed the next level of fitness.


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Fit Like Mummy Set to Tackle a 4 month Body Transformation

Some real Talk

Firstly lemme keep it real. Over the past few months I’ve been slacking and yes I have had a few setbacks but my mind hasn’t fully been in the game. And I can’t use the setbacks as an excuse. It was all me. Hence my progress has been little to none.

Time for Change

But that’s about to change. Tomorrow (18 June 2018) I will start a 4 month body transformation journey. A defined timeframe with specific goals. Follow #SmashedByTash on social media because I’m ready to smash my goals and take my body to the next level. I’m going from fat to fitter and stronger.  I promise that you don’t want to miss this. The next 4 months will not be about perfection, but about a commitment to myself, dedication and perseverance.

Why a 4 month transformation?

Why 4 months, well because I turn 41 in October and what better gift to myself than good fitness and health, after all your health is your wealth. But there’s another reason which will be REVEALED in due course.

My Plan of Action

  1. Work on a plan of action. 4 months to be “Fleshed out“, fitter and stronger. Start date is 18 June 2018 ending in October 2018.
  2. Tuesday morning I will take my progress pics. I’m going to do a weekly update comparing with this pic and not my previous ones. For me it’s the best way to see progress (Now go on … take that first dreaded pic. It’s the best motivator by far).
  3. Wednesday I’m off to see a guy about a thing.  Official first weigh and measure.  Going to do some testing to determine a baseline and figure out my diet and exercise regime. You will have to wait until Wednesday to see who the guy is.  Trust me when I say he deserves a reveal of his own.
  4. My diet will be supplemented to aid my progress. Did loads of research and I’ve decided on a new brand. Separate post to follow regarding my decision.
  5. I’ve decided to set some smaller goals along the way. Every 5kg lost will be celebrated with a trip to the spa or maybe some clothes shopping.  Post to follow with my starting numbers

Steps for a Successful Body Transformation

  • Day 1 means photos
  • Set a goal and create an event
  • Know your starting point
  • Create your plan of action
  • Nail down your nutritional needs
  • Your workout must match your goal
  • The smart way to incorporate cardio/HIIT
  • Rest and recovery is a must
  • Build your support system
  • Pay attention to your feedback loop and make change where necessary
  • Don’t delay

Wish Me Well

So that my POA.  Tonight I go to bed, excited that tomorrow is the start of a new chapter in my journey.


Win with Fit Like Mummy & Health Riot

My Love Affair with Cassava Flour

During the course of my journey I came across Cassava Flour. I love the paleo diet as much as I love baked goods, but normal flour doesn’t agree with me and doesnt work well with my lifestyle transformation. Here in lies the reason, I am a Cassava fan of note who is always stocked up on this liquid gold. Health Riot’s cassava flour is GMO free, Gluten free, Grain free and Nut free. Best of all you wouldn’t know the difference as it yields the fluffiest of baked goods.

The story of Health Riot is a simple one.

Valeska and her husband Christiaan turned to paleo in 2012 when their first child was born. She was so tiny and fragile and everything Valeska ate seemed to affect her tummy and she suffered with eczema. Valeska also had no energy and with the lack of sleep and new-found motherhood, energy was definitely a commodity I needed in spades. She felt so tired, sluggish, boated from grains and in serious need of a good balanced diet.

She embarked on a journey of eliminating dairy, sugar and grains. Before she knew it, she had fallen in love with the paleo lifestyle and was feeling great! Best of all, her little one no longer had cramps.

The more Valeska researched, the more she found recipes that called for cassava flour, but she had no idea what that was and it was nowhere to be found in South Africa. Then in 2015 a family trip to Mauritius had them access cassava flour there.

The couple brought as many bags home as their baggage would allow and immediately started baking. Their kids were especially happy to eat pancakes and breads again that actually tasted like the real deal! Problem solved without anyone noticing the change.

It took no more than a few weeks for the valuable flour to run out and, they were back to square one, she started searching relentlessly for shops that sold Cassava flour. After no success, one night over a cassava-less dinner they decided that if no one in South Africa had it, that they would import it!

An endless search ensued trying to find a high quality cassava flour that was not inconsistent, dull and musty or most importantly, not crunchy. The search was worth it and now Health Riot’s Cassava flour can be found in stores across South Africa.

Win with Fit Like Mummy & Health Riot

Health Riot and & Fit Like Mummy are teaming up to give you the chance to win! Head over to Health Riot’s instagram page and tell us what you would make with our delicious Cassava flour. The winner will receive a Cassava Flour hamper and your recipe will be featured on both pages! Entries close on 22nd of June & winners will be announced on the 29th of June!

Happy baking!!!



FitLikeMummy Learns to Ride a Bicycle at the Age of 40

Four decades on this planet and I still can’t ride a bicycle. Seems like such a waste really so I, aka FitLikeMummy decided that it was time to learn to ride a bicycle even at the age of 40.

Why I can’t ride a bicycle?

I must tell you guys, I did have a bicycle as a child and I was 6 years old at the time. Shortly after receiving my bicycle my dad passed away and for some reason unbeknownst to me, I was not allowed to ride that bicycle anymore. It was brand new and the training wheels never came off. Then, 18 years ago I decided to try again. What possessed me to ask my fellow aircraft engineers to teach me is seriously beyond me. Approximately 2 seconds into my lesson, I found myself on the bonnet of a car in the parking lot. That crash sealed the deal and my need to learn to ride a bicycle was a thing of the past.

Why I decided to learn to ride a bicycle?

Learning to ride a bicycle was a thing of the past … well that was until I turned 40. Turning 40 has given me a new lease on life and I’ve become a bucket list ninja, now more so than ever. In addition to that, I had the encouragement or should I say subtle push from Martene Esteves and Manii (Dad blogger behind blog 2 Dads and a Kid). Many people have asked me why I want to learn to ride a bicycle after all this time. Learning to ride is a form of exercise first and foremost. It’s the opportunity to learn a new skill. It will also open the door to more exciting adventures with my sons. And let’s not forget the bragging rights to say, “I can do anything I put my mind to.” There are life lessons to be learnt from this experience. In addition to this, Im hoping to inspire people (especially my boys) to realise that we are never too old to learn new things.

My plan of action

I didn’t want to just wing it, plus I don’t have a bicycle or helmet. So after much research, PWC Bike Park came highly recommended. I signed up in the hope of going from zero to hero in a mere five, 45 minute lessons. I seriously doubted that 5 lessons would be enough but Marc Fourie reassured me that all would be good.

Lesson #1

OMG!!! So I arrived for my first session with husband and kids in tow. The pressure was definitely on. I mean how could I fail while they were watching, plus they were rooting for me. Marc (my instructor/coach – I think that’s what you call him!) set me up with a helmet and a bicycle. A bicycle minus pedals, but a bicycle none the less. That first session focussed on me working on my balance and co-ordination. Both of which I thought were attributes I seriously sucked at, but not according to Marc. That first lesson was intense and had me build up a sweat but Marc’s approach made total sense. He is super patient and encouraging and it made the experience so much easier. Now, the one thing I was never ready for was the excruciating pain experienced by sitting on a bicycle seat. My question is why didn’t anyone warn me. I mean seriously!!! According to everyone who responded to my post, I will get used to it.

Lesson #2

As much as everyone said that I would get used to sitting on a bicycle seat, I was taking no chances. I headed to the shops and bought a silicone padded bicycle seat cover. I arrived at PWC Bike Park on a very crisp Saturday morning. Helmet on, seat cover fitted and bicycle seat adjusted. I was ready to do this. I progressed from a bicycle with no pedals to one with the right pedal. I did a few practice rounds before Marc fitted the left pedal. Then the strangest thing happened. I was riding a bicycle and I have video footage to prove it. Not perfectly but I can ride a bicycle. I left PWC Bike park on such a high because these little victories along the way make my journey so worth it.

Side note

The padded seat cover was a definite win and made a huge difference in terms of me being comfortable. I was definitely less sore at the end of my lesson. On the down side, the seat cover moves around and was a bit of an annoyance, so I’m thinking that padded tights will be the best possible solution. Marc advised that I shouldn’t use both at the same time as the tights would stick to the seat.

What’s next?

I still have a few more lessons which I’m super eager to attend. I’m hoping come lesson number 5, I will be able to pop a wheely (NOT!!). Just kidding guys! I do recommend that you watch this space, as one may never know if I will consider entering a race or two, but lets first complete lesson 3 to 5. I’d love to hear if you have been faced with a similar situation, so please share your experience by leaving me a comment.

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FIBO Global Fitness Africa is heading to Johannesburg

The announcement came at the end of May 2018 that the world’s biggest trade show for fitness, wellness and health, FIBO Global Fitness is coming to South Africa.  I followed the show that took place in Cologne, Germany via Instagram and I can’t express enough how excited I was to attend the FIBO Africa show.  Those who follow my journey will tell you that I am the Queen of Fitness Events because FITNESS is indeed a lifestyle.


If I wasn’t excited enough already, I received a call asking me to be a Fitness Influencer for the event.  An absolute surprise but one that has me jumping for joy.


Global Fitness Africa will take place at the Ticketpro Dome in Johannesburg. Over the three days, FIBO will present an exciting summit and festival showcasing all that is hip, happening and futuristic in the world of fitness, wellness and health.


As a visitor, you will be will be able to explore the latest developments in the fitness and wellness world and immerse yourself in exercise apparel, work-out equipment and nutrition goods. You will be able to get active and get involved in various group fitness activities or feel inspired watching fitness competitions.

To ensure that visitors get the maximum out of your visit to FIBO, eight unique zones have been developed. They are:

  1. FitBody: Focusing on wellness and beauty, visitors will be able to find out about the latest and best in the beauty business.
  2. FitFood: Focusing on nutrition this zone is all about clean eating, health supplements and natural nutrients to boost your body.
  3. FitGear: Focusing on interior, equipment and consulting services, this zone will showcase all types of machinery to maximize muscles and movement as well as the latest must-haves for gym.
  4. FitKids: Focusing on starting kids’ fitness, this zone aims to uncover our future fitness stars.
  5. FitStudio: Focusing on group training and fitness, visitors will discover trusted training to motivate movement.
  6. FitTech: Focusing on the latest technology and trends in the health and fitness world, visitors will be able to experience fitness like never before.
  7. FitTravel: Focusing on destinations that will keep you in shape, visitors will be able to plan their next trip knowing that their fitness needs will be taken care of.
  8. FitWear: Focusing on apparel, this zone is all about getting fashion fit and to help visitors train in trending gear.

FIBO Global Fitness Africa is about action, power, passion, thousands of people enjoying fitness, clothing, shopping, nutrition, new equipment and exciting concepts.

The official launch of FIBO Africa 2018 took place at Go Health Club in Sandton on Wednesday 28 May 2018.  To my surprise, FIBO Africa asked me to share my transformation journey at the launch.  Truth be told, I was super nervous, talking about my experience made me exceptionally emotional.  I didn’t realise how much my journey meant to me, until I stood on that stage and shared my story.  It was great to listen to the other influencers share their stories.  Real people, Real stories!!!


So if you would like to hear more about our stories and how we have found our FIT in Fitness, you can find us at the show.  You will be captivated by the wide range of exhibitions and activities; from trendy functional sports clothing, equipment, innovative training techniques, nutrition and wellness treatments to active participation in various special fitness classes and competitions.

Be a FIBO-natic and find your Fit in Fitness. Book your tickets now through Computicket and join the biggest gathering of the fitness tribes in Africa at FIBO Global Fitness Africa, Ticketpro Dome from 25 – 27 October 2018.