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2017 – My Year in Review

2017 was supposed to be the year of adjustment for us. Having relocated to Gauteng in September 2016, the plan was to take things slowly, settle in and find our feet in the City of Gold. Life however, had other plans for us and we hit the ground running (both literally and figuratively).

When I set out on my weightloss journey on the 4th of January 2017, all I ever had in mind was losing weight and improving my health. That was it, the goal was pretty simple. So I did the New Years resolution thing and the kids and I joined the gym. I mean, who really continues gyming after the first two to three months anyways?!?! Well, I did. We gymed 6 days a week and this became our everyday normal. There were no excuses and it felt great to be exercising again. I started becoming obsessed with exercise and never missed a session. If you were looking for me at 5am on Saturdays and Sundays, you would have to find me at the gym where I spent no less than 2 hours training.

I initially considered a personal trainer but later opted to see a biokineticist instead. My weak core and issues with my back meant I needed to focus on those areas before anything else.  Tasneem designed a training program specific to my needs and wants, and after a few short weeks I was no longer experiencing any back pain.  I was losing centimeters and gaining muscle.  Yay for gains!!!

Progress not Perfection


Thanks to my friend Heidi Shrive, I attempted running.  She got me to join her for a night run at Steyn City.  I did the race because I hadn’t seen my friend in years and was more excited to see her than to actually run, but I was prepared to take one for the team all in the name of friendship.  Now let me tell you that I absolutely hated running. I didn’t get it. My mind refused to even consider the possibility of running. I guess my hatred for running stemmed from my days in the Airforce were I was forced to run for 3 months straight while being shouted and screamed at. (I don’t take to well to being ordered around). On a side note, I think I need to write a blog about my experiences with basic military training. Anyways, I went from that one night run with Heidi (best decision ever) to weekly Parkrun’s and 5km races. I started out walking a 5km in just over an hour, to achieving personal bests week after week with my best time being 40.59.

Jumping for joy after completing the Discovery Run Series with a PB


I stuck to my diet like a legend and consumed no carbs and sugars. I also gave up alcohol and in 4 short months I had achieved insane results. My approach to eating was aggressive and not something I would be able to maintain long term because I’m a foodie through and through.  After several months I adopted a more sustainable 80/20 approach to my eating. Everything in moderation!

Jan to April 2017 Progress Pics


Just as I was hitting my stride, I fell ill. In May I was experiencing a lot of pain and the doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. I was really frustrated because the pain was impacting my energy levels, moods and training. After several days in hospital I was discharged with the fact that the doctors thought I had cancer and were awaiting the results for the associated tests. I was pissed off to say the least and despite being sick and in a tremendous amount of pain, I decided to do the Discovery 947 Run. My Instagram post read “Despite being sick and in a lot of pain, tonight I needed to do this race. I needed to remind myself that I’m no quitter, that I don’t lose and that I’ve overcome so many obstacles. So whatever the future may hold, I will take it in my stride and I will be okay!!!”

Discovery 947 Run smashed!!!

So its turns out it wasn’t cancer after all, but the doctors did thankfully find the cause of my pain. I had this huge cyst which had to be removed. It meant an operation which inadvertently meant no training or running.  This was a huge set-back and I wasn’t eating right either.  I guess I was feeling sorry for myself, but that meant I had put on 5kg.  As much as this was a set-back, it was also a wake up call.  It made me realise that life is never going to be perfect.  It has its ups and downs, and set-backs are actually the things that make us stronger.

I had the operation in July which saw me celebrate my 3rd wedding anniversary in hospital.  Exciting right , well actually yes!  I’m blessed with amazing friends and I just want to say, “Thanks Sonya for making that a special day for us.  We really really appreciate it.  Love your stacks!”  Balloons, flowers, yummy food and non-alcoholic bubbly sealed the deal and we had an awesome anniversary dinner despite being in hospital.

I started training as soon as I received the all clear from my doctors.  I went back to gyming, running and attended many cool events like Fit Night Out and Muddy Princess.    Due to time constraints imposed by my mummy duties, I moved from exercising at the gym to home workouts.  I had no intention of slowing down and there was no room or time for excuses.   Then Woolworths started the #startswith challenge in September and I was keen to give the challenge a shot.  It was a truly amazing experience where I learnt to find balance in my life.  Below is my submission for the last challenge that pretty much summed up my #starstwith experience.

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Dear @woolworths_sa and my #startswithme fitfam. Words enough cant express how truly grateful l am for the past 7 weeks of pure inspiration, motivation and encouragement. This has been a life changing experience which has impacted my life in the most remarkable. . Ive learnt so much more than what l could squeeze into those 30 seconds 😅😅 but l hope you enjoy this video and how the #startswith challenge has helped me . Dear Tracey aka @fitnessgirl_za you have been a rockstar of a motivator. Thank you for being so inspiring, motivating and givingof yourself . Keep at it lovelies because "YOU GOT THIS" . Much love … FitLikeMummy 😘😘😘 . #fit #fitness #keepingfit #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #fitfam #fitmom #weight #weightloss #weightlossmotivation #weightlossjourney #dedication #commitment #routine #homeworkout #hiit #exercise #fitspo #fitspiration #noexcuses #health #healthspo #healthylife #workout #workoutmotivation

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I turned 40 in October and I was rather chuffed with myself.  Over the year I’ve lost 15kg and I went from a size 44 to size 38.  I have learnt to prioritize myself and I am living my best life.  I made the lifestyle change that improved my health, self-esteem and well-being.  Best of all I stuck to the promise I had made to myself and hit the beach in a bikini. No sarong, shorts or long t-short to hide my body.  Turning 40 saw me realise that self-love is the key to happiness and a well-balanced life.  I don’t give a shit what people think about my appearance (wait, did I ever??).  Okay so let me rephrase that  …. I don’t give a shit about the so-called perfect body.  I don’t have any intentions about waiting to be the right size or right weight or right anything.  I’m perfect at this very moment, jiggly thighs, stretch-marks and all.  I am immensely happy with who I am.  I’m prouder than ever of myself for persevering and achieving so much in just 12 months.

2017 wasn’t only about the serious stuff like lifestyle changes, fitness and weightloss.  It was also about adventuring.  We definitely are that family who’s constantly chasing the next adventure and we love exploring our country.  Here are some pics of what we got up to this year


Through this journey I’ve met so many inspirational and amazing people who have truly motivated me.  I’m so so appreciative for these connections and absolutely love this federation of strong women.

Last but not least, I’d like to thank my family and friends for their amazing support this year.  I really couldn’t have done this without you.  Just know that there will be no letting up as we will be hitting 2018 harder than ever.  2018  will be the year we achieve our full potential while we live our best lives.

Happy New Year FitFam

Much Love


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Set Goals and Crush Em

A New Year is an opportunity for a fresh start. An opportunity to evaluate and reassess. It’s an opportunity to work on becoming a happier and (for me), fitter version of myself.

So let’s start here …

” Hi my name is Natasha and I am a compulsive goal setter.”

For the past two decades I have religiously set new goals for the year ahead. I absolutely love setting goals as it helps me stay focused and on track. Setting goals ensures that I have a plan which in turn gives me direction. I may not always follow the plan 100% and I may not always achieve all of those goals but each goal achieved is a definitive show of progress in my life. Let me tell you, I am all about progress not perfection.

In the last week of each year I grab my goal setting diary and tick off the goals I’ve managed to achieve. I then reflect on the goals I haven’t achieved and assess if they were realistic or not to start off with. Next I decide if these goals need to move forward to my new list and then finally I add some new goals.

2017 was about personal growth, prioritising myself and improving my fitness and health. Can you say, “Goals Crushed”? Well that’s exactly what I accomplished. I’m stoked that l managed to achieve my goals beyond my wildest dreams. I really and truly am super proud of myself. I’ve fallen in love with the concept of prioritising myself and have no idea why I didn’t do this sooner. My health improved tenfold. I’ve lost 15kg and I’ve learnt to slow down.

My 2018 goals

  • Continue prioritising myself
  • Continue with my healthy lifestyle
  • Improve my fitness level
  • Achieve a sub 30 for a 5km race
  • Be a badass
  • Goal weight 80kg
  • Dress size 14
  • Live to inspire
  • Rest more
  • Be kinder to myself
  • Travel to at least one new place
  • Camp more (our new hobby)
  • Improve my blogging skills
  • Learn a new skill
  • Gym twice a week (I miss the gym)
  • Workout at home 3 – 4 times a week
  • Study
  • Eat out less (No need for such negativity)
  • Walk away from negative people (damn straight)
  • Learn to ride a bicycle (Yes, I am 40 and cannot ride a bike 😂)

My 5 rules for successful goal setting:

1. Figure out your plan of action
Time to come up with a plan of action for your lifestyle change, weight loss or fitness journey. Whatever it is, you definitely need a plan. Consider making small progressive changes as this will be more attainable.

2. Think short-term.
Set short-term goals and build on them, as this will help keep you focused on your progress.

3. Work on your fitness.
Exercise alone won’t get you to your goal weight, however setting fitness goals along the way will help keep you motivated. This in turn will help you feel more committed to leading a healthier lifestyle.

4. Be realistic
Be realistic about your weight-loss and don’t expect miracles. The slower the process the better the outcome.

5. Track your successes.
Don’t forget to take time to revel in all the hard work you’re doing and how it’s paying off. Document your journey as it’s an amazing motivator.

Related image

So whether you set daily, weekly, monthly or annual goals, just do it. Raise the bar and push yourself to live your best life. It is within your reach and you most certainly can do it. You most certainly deserve to live your best life. So let 2018 be the year you took control of your life as a whole.

Happy goal setting lovelies

Much love

FitLikeMummy 💋

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To Drink or Not To Drink

It’s that time of the year when over indulgences are the norm and the consumption of alcohol is no exception. It really is a challenge to avoid alcohol over the festive season, especially when it is so ingrained in the South African culture. Festive over-indulgences are not beneficial to one’s health and can be detrimental to ones self-respect if not properly controlled.



So here I sit with having to make the decision of whether to drink or not.  My biggest issue is that I don’t feel it’s worth it to set myself back months of hard work just to succumb to the norms of the festive season.  The struggle is most certainly real when it comes to weight-loss and I don’t want to go into the New Year several kilos heavier due to excessive indulgences.  I don’t have to drink to have fun as I’m still the same crazy and fun person I have always been with or without it, so I’ve decided that I’m going to rather drink in moderation as opposed to not drinking at all.

The 6 Rules of Sensible Drinking

1. Stick to your meal plan

Firstly, continue to stick to your meal plan as far as possible over the festive season and eat a well-balanced diet. Protein and veggies will keep you fuller throughout, while keeping calories low.  Secondly, you definitely don’t want to drink on an empty stomach. It’s the quickest way to getting drunk.  Being hungry will also result in you wanting to eat everything you can possibly get your hands on.  This holds exceptionally true when it comes to snacking, which goes hand-in-hand with drinking and socialising, therefor healthy snacking is vital. It’s important to know that alcohol calories still count so if you’re tracking calories to lose weight, you need to account for the alcohol you drink.

2. Be a picky drinker

Know what you are drinking by doing some research ahead of time. Avoid sugary drinks like ciders and cocktails which contain higher calories. Drinking vodka or whiskey would be a better and more sensible option. Use sugar-free mixers or water with your liquor. Dry wine is another excellent option. Avoid mixing your drinks as it will not only make you drunk quicker, but it’s also harder to keep track of how many drinks you’ve had. Drink at your own pace and don’t let anyone pressure you to drink more or to drink faster.

3. Drink in moderation

For most people, the hardest part of incorporating alcohol into a healthy lifestyle is knowing when to stop. The key to sensible drinking is most certainly drinking in moderation.  Try and  stay under two to three drinks and within the recommended guidelines for safe drinking as stipulated by the rules of your country (refer below). If you plan your consumption and practice moderation with your drinking habits, alcohol can still be a part of your life without negatively affecting your weight-loss goals.

Drinking Laws Applied by Some Countries

4. Drink safely

Let’s be honest, now.  We live in ever-changing and dangerous times, so it’s rather important to be savvy when consuming alcohol. Make it a rule not to accept drinks from strangers and don’t leave your drinks unattended. The rule of “safety in numbers” holds true when it comes to drinking at parties and night clubs. There have been so many reported cases of people having had their drinks spiked that’s its definitely better to be safe than sorry this festive season.  Make sure not to mix alcohol and medication, as this could have huge negative consequences.

5. Water is your wingman

Hydrate hydrate hydrate! Water is definitely your best friend when consuming alcohol. Aim to drink a glass of water between alcoholic drinks. This will aid in keeping you sober, whilst indirectly limiting the amount of alcohol consumed.  It will also aid is lessening the effects of a hangover.

 6. Deal with your hangover safely

After a night of Festive drinks, you may encounter a bad hangover the following day. The best thing to do is to refuel your body with wholesome food and water. Drink water in smaller portions as this is sufficient enough to get your body re-hydrated. Surprisingly, exercising can help with hangovers, too. Mild exercises such as walking or yoga can help to ease the hangover and make you feel better. If you only have a few drinks, then you probably won’t have to worry about dealing with a splitting headache and/or inside-out stomach feeling the day after.


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Surviving the Festive Season


It’s mid-way into December and I have given serious thought as to how I’m going to survive the dreaded festive season. It’s the season to be jolly and festive which really means over-indulging while you socialise like there is no tomorrow. Constantly faced with the very temptations you were able to resist all year through, the festive season can easily set you back months of hard work.  I’m going to be rather realistic about the festive season and keep things fairly simple. I have decided not to implement any new or drastic changes at the moment. It’s going to be a matter of maintaining as opposed to chasing goals and losing weight.

Here’s some simple yet effective ways to survive the upcoming festive season:-

1. Rest up!
Life is a rat-race that has us constantly striving to find more hours in a day. As each year passes we seem to have increased commitments, so why not use the holidays to catch-up on some much-needed R&R. Sleep in late and take those afternoon naps without feeling guilty. Switch off your phone and read a book instead. Try journaling and reflect on the numerous blessings bestowed upon you in the past year. Laze in a hammock and think of absolutely nothing. Whatever it may be that brings you that much-needed rest and helps you recharge your batteries, do it. Enjoy every single minute because you have certainly earned it.

2. Stick to your meal plan
The festive season is most certainly not a license to over-indulge every single day. The occasional “treat” is acceptable, but it is important to stick to your usual meal plan as far as possible. Start your day off with a healthy breakfast that will not only keep your sugar levels stable and hunger pains under control, but will also help you avoid those empty calories. Try to make healthier choices when eating out and limit those carbs and sugars. You really don’t want to undo all the hard work and effort you’ve put in during the course of the year.

3. Drink that H2O
Maintain that H2O level. It is so important to stay hydrated during summer. Drinking enough water will also keep you fuller for longer. Aim to drink a glass of water before each meal. Diet drinks, sugar-free fizzy drinks, fruit juices, milkshakes, tea and coffee should be consumed in moderation. Also try to drink 1-2 glasses of water after every alcoholic or caffeinated drink as this will prevent your body from dehydrating. Add lemon or fruit to your water to create your own infused waters and always keep a water bottle with you.

4. Continue to be active
As far as I’m concerned, being active is most certainly not restricted to the gym or a fitness class. You can be active anywhere and anytime, so there are no excuses. Now that it’s the festive season and you have more time on your hands (well most of us do), take your workouts outdoors and enjoy the beautiful summer days. Keep active at the nearest beach or park. Go for a hike or a swim. Try and keep to your weekly Parkrun for instance.  Take the kids to the nearest Trampoline Park or Acrobranch and join in on the fun.

5. Healthy snacks
One of the biggest obstacles over the festive season is the constant snacking. It is therefore best to get your healthy snack game on. Make sure to stock up on healthy snack options that you can keep in your bag, car and home. This gives you easy access and you will always be prepared. Avoid after-dinner snacks like chocolates and biscuits.

6. Limit alcohol
Avoiding alcohol is not always the easiest of things to do over the festive season.  If you do decide to drink alcohol, then find alcoholic options that are more forgiving on the waistline.  Believe it or not there are healthier alcoholic drinks like light beer or wine; a margarita, Bloody Mary, vodka or whiskey on the rocks.  Alternatively, drink your vodka or whiskey with water as opposed to cool drink.  Always add ice to your drink and never mix your alcohol.  Remember to drink a glass of water between alcoholic drinks.  Also try not to over-indulge. This will help you avoid horrible hangovers, possible embarrassing situations and those unwanted calories.

7. Portion control
I can’t emphasise enough the importance of portion control. Try to eat off a side plate as opposed to a dinner plate. Also stick to one helping of food as far as possible. When faced with a buffet, pace yourself and rather be a picky eater. Only eat the foods you really really love. It will help not to linger around or be too close to the buffet. Rather select the food you want and find a comfortable spot away from the buffet where you can enjoy your food.  Also try to choose healthier options like fruits, veggies and protein.

8. Don’t beat yourself up
Lastly, just remember that you are human. So, if you do over-indulge and fall off the wagon, a new year is just around the corner and you can set new goals and pick-up from where you have left off.  Why not start the new year off with a detox?!?!

So my lovelies, there is no need to fear as there is hope after the dreaded festive season!

Happy Holidays



My Christmas Fitness Wishlist

Dear Santa

I have been a good girl this year, but will need some clarification on your definition of GOOD. I’ve smashed out some serious goals. I’ve even been a tad extra and took this whole lifestyle change thing to a badass level. I mean I did lose 15kg this year. So, all I want for Christmas is a long list of really cool fitness gear to help me reach my goal of losing the next 10kg.

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🎄 Asics Gel Kayano 24

I’m definitely due for a new pair of running shoes. I mean, a fitness girl can never have enough running shoes, can she Santa?!?! These flat feet of mine are really problematic, however Asics seems to do the trick with their awesome range of stability shoes. The Gel Kayano 24 with its enhanced cushioned ride and high-level support is the perfect fit for me. Please just don’t let them be pink or purple, as I’m really not that kinda girl. If all else fails, I will gladly settle for the GT 2000.Asics-Women-s-Kayano-24-Shoes-Cushion-Running-Shoes-Blue-Purple-Regatta-SS18-T799N-4840-4-3🎄 Sweat belt

Okay, so I need to keep it real at this point. A girl needs all the help she can get and after 5 operations in my mid-section area, I desperately need this sweat belt. It is clinically proven to increase body temperature, so you sweat more. It helps maintain perfect back support and posture (well that’s what they say). They do also state that the vertical flex bars provide total coverage of the abdomen, but hey let’s be honest … not all abdomens are created equal! So the proof will most certainly be in the christmas pudding, but I’m so prepared to be a guinea pig in this case.🎄 Berri Fitness Resistance Bands

2018 will see me elevate my home workouts. These leg resistance bands are just the way to get it done. They help increase strength, agility and speed. They also improve lateral quickness and sprints, but I need them to intensify my bodyweight exercises like squats, lunges and mountain climbers. Watching Yolanda Sokhela in action with these babies, is all the proof I need to confirm that a savage workout is guaranteed.🎄Socks

Yes, you heard right Santa. I did say I want socks, afterall aren’t socks the perfect christmas gift? It seems that my socks are permanently being sucked into a blackhole somewhere (well actually its always just one sock of a pair). To make matters worse, my guys prefer my socks to their own, don’t ask me why but they do! Seriously though, good quality socks are important to keep feet feeling dry, secure and comfortable during workouts. They also prevent smelly running shoes. Santa, I think these would make for the perfect stocking fillers.download🎄Buffs

I’m obviously full of suggestions but buffs are another perfect stocking filler. I absolutely love love love my buffs. I can’t seem to get enough of them. They are perfect for both summer and winter. Buffs are great for absorbing sweat and preventing it from running into my eyes. Look, I get I shouldn’t be sweating the small stuff because it’s just sweat , but holy hell sweat in ones eyes burns like a mother. Buffs also help protect my tattoos from the sun. So please help a girl out and hook me up. I have no preference in terms of colour or design (just not pink or purple, and definitely no flowers).

🎄Fitbit Ionic

So while I do already have a Fitbit Charge 2 (which I love), the Ionic is what every girl (and guy) dreams of. With features like personalised coaching, built-in GPS, heart rate monitoring, water-resistance, cardio fitness level and Pandora stations why wouldn’t I have this watch on my list? Santa this watch stores and plays music, it even makes payments and it comes with a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 touchscreen (which is perfect for me because I’m clumsy AF). I promise to be really good for the next three years if I find this under my christmas tree.🎄 Exercise clothing

I’ve really been holding out on buying expensive exercise clothing because of the obvious weight-loss, but Santa this girl seriously wants and needs some gear from Adidas. Granted, a kidney or two may have to be sold to fund this but it will be oh so worth it. There is nothing better than looking fabulous and strong while you workout. I promise to put out some zucchini chocolate chip cookies and almond milk for you on Christmas eve in exchange for some Adidas gear.



So this is as basic as my wish list is going to get. Variety in training is the key and using a step will help create that much-needed variety. I need this for cardio and plyometric training. In terms of my fitness goals, I just want to look as graceful as Yolanda Sokhela does in her step workouts. Santa, I strongly suggest you look into this and possibly try it out. Don’t get me wrong here. I’m not saying you are fat our anything, just that it looks like loads of fun and is so worth a try.🎄 Sports bra

Now let me tell you something Santa. Losing my boobs was not what I signed up for when I started my weight-loss and fitness journey. Frankly, I’m a tad peeved that I lost more than I had bargained on. I loved my boobs and now all I sit with are saggy boobs that my kids say, “look like wet socks”. Even the hubster isn’t impressed. Anyway Santa, I guess I need to make peace … build a bridge … move on swiftly … get the hell over it!!! Now back to my wish list after that little rant (Sjoe do I feel better after that). This Puma sports bra will be the answer to my prayers. This amazing looking bra will take my boobs from “saggy” to “SEXY AF”, so bag it; wrap it and place it under my tree please.

🎄 Speed ladder

Okay I know that this is the third time that I’m mentioning Yolanda Sokhela but she so inspires me. Honestly Santa, I didn’t know that a speed ladder was a thing until I saw her video on Instragram. The speed ladder would be perfect for developing my core, coordination (which I have none of) and body control. Plus I think that the kids would love it too, so it could be a gift for the entire family. They do say, “A family that trains together, stays together”.So my dearest Santa, I’m really not asking for much as you can see. I will continue to be a good girl over the festive season and will count the days until Christmas morning. I just know you are going to make my wish list a reality, but I will gladly settle for a set of kickass abs.

Happy Holidays Santa

Much love, FitLikeMummy 💋

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Boss Lady of Meal Prep

Pretty much a self-proclaimed title, but I do meal prep like a boss and I’m damn proud of it.


A year ago, I pretty much sucked when it came to planning my meals and basically ate on the fly. The nature of my job didn’t help much as I was always travelling, constantly finding myself in a car or an aircraft. I ate whatever I could get my hands on, which was mostly unhealthy food. I also over ate because l had no plan and didn’t track what l ate. Six months into this journey, I had read about meal prepping and thought that I should give it a bash. Now I can honestly say that I love my Sunday afternoon meal preps. It’s my day to reassess, refocus and set new goals for the week ahead. By the end of my two hours of meal prepping, I’m left feeling focused and ready to smash out another week of goals.

Meal preparation, better known as meal prep can mean different things to different people, so it’s a matter of figuring out what best serves you and makes your life easier. I meal prep for four meals per day for five days. Dinners are spontaneous as I need some spontaneity in my life. Some people however, just prep snacks or lunches. Irrespective of your type of meal prep, you will find that its saves you money and time, keeps you motivated and helps you achieve those goals.

My daily meal prep

Steps to Meal Prepping Like a Boss

  • Step 1 – Plan ahead

Benjamin Franklin supposedly once said, “Failing to plan is planning to fail,”. It’s a rather harsh adage, but there is some truth in it. Planning is a far easier way to achieve your goals. It gives you the edge and serves as a constant reminder of what you have set out to achieve. Set some time aside to plan your meals according to your dietary requirements. Thereafter, make a grocery list so that you are prepared when hitting the shops. Make a point to ensure your meals are balanced and healthy, so that you load your body with plenty of yummy and wholesome goodness.

  • Step 2 – Right Tool for the Job

So you have now created your meal plan and finalised your grocery list, so now its time to check if you have your storage game on. I went through my cupboard to check what containers I had, but opted to buy a new set. This made stacking in the fridge much easier. Make sure your containers are compact; of a good quality and are airtight to keep in the freshness. I prefer smaller containers as I eat small portions throughout the day. Mason jars are great for storing breakfast parfaits, salads and snacks like power balls or nuts. I also use the snack size zip-lock bags to portion out my almonds and biltong for instance. Glass Pyrex dishes with lids are a better option if you are prepping bigger meals.

I use different equipment when cooking to speed up and make my meal process a lot more efficient. My air-fryer is probably the most used item in my kitchen, but I also use a stick blender, spiralizer and julienne strip grater. A kitchen scale and measuring cups are a must if you are super serious about meal prepping. Slow cookers, pressure cookers, rice cookers, and steamers can also be helpful during a meal prep, but are not items I use. I prefer keeping things simple and aim to complete my full meal prep within 2 hours maximum. A large oven tray is also extremely handy.

  • Step 3 – Hit the shops

So now that you are organised and prepared, its time to hit the shops to get the groceries you need for your meal prep. Don’t leave home without your grocery list, as this will keep you on track and curb the impulsive and unnecessary shopping. Stock up on fresh and organic items where possible. Keep an eye out for healthy alternatives for carbs and sugar. Just a tip – don’t go shopping on an empty tummy.

  • Step 4 – Routine is Key

I’m a creature of habit and thrive on routine. It’s also the key to successful meal prepping and goal smashing. I personally spend my Sunday afternoons cooking up a storm to prep my meals and snacks for the week ahead. Choose a day that best suits your lifestyle, so that you can establish a routine.

Fitlikemummy’s Basic Meal Plan

Breakfast (I alternate between the below choices):

  • Yogurt, berries and chia seeds.
  • Eggs (add some mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes or avo to create variety)


  • Protein
  1. Chicken
  2. Beef
  3. Turkey
  4. Fish
  • Vegetable (low carb options)
  1. Cauliflower
  2. Broccoli
  3. Spinach
  4. Tomatoe
  5. Cucumber
  6. Lettuce
  7. Mushrooms
  8. Baby marrow
  9. Kale
  10. Peppers
  • Carbs (1 of the below only at lunch and no later than 2pm)
  1. Quinoa
  2. Brown basmati rice
  3. Sweet potato


  • Berries
  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Power balls
  • Nuts
  • Biltong
  • Olives
4 day meal prep that didn’t break the bank

Benefits of a Meal Prep

1. Saves you money

Despite popular belief, healthy eating doesn’t have to be expensive if you plan correctly. Buy things in bulk and peel, chop and store in the freezer. By planning ahead and being prepared you will know exactly what you need to buy. No more shopping for unnecessary things. No more spur of the moment trips to the canteen at work or the nearest garage shop. The best part is that you will no longer be throwing food away because it spoils before you get to use it. When you meal prep, you make use of your ingredients for the week, and it is highly unlikely that you will have any leftovers.

2. Saves you time

I can’t emphasise enough how much time is saved with meal prepping. Granted, I spend a few hours to plan and prep all my meals. I however, don’t spend time deciding what to cook or heading out to the shops on a daily basis. There’s no time spent cooking dinner after a busy day at the office. Instead your time will be your own is my own and I can hit the gym and spend quality time with my family.

3. Grocery shopping will become easier

Once you know what meals you will be eating for the week and have compiled that grocery list, shopping will be a walk in the park. No more shopping for unnecessary items. Definitely no more finding yourself in the chips and sweets aisles, being tempted to buy unhealthy goodies.

4. You will master portion control and calorie intake

Meal prepping teaches you self-control and discipline. You put in the effort to ensure you have balanced meals. As a result you will better manage your portion sizes and calorie intake. If you want to lose weight and consume the right amount of nutrients, portion control is exceptionally important. You can still treat yourself from time to time, but then it will be on your terms.

5. Weight loss will be a sure thing

Planning your meals in advance is most certainly the key to successful weight loss. It’s an easier way to track what you have consumed and impulsive eating soon becomes a thing of the past. A well thought out meal prep routine allows you to control how many calories you are consuming daily, which is the perfect way to achieve your weight loss goals

6.Variety is key

Variety is most certainly the spice of life and if you are able to put thought into your meals ahead of time, it will become easy to choose from several different food group. Variety will help you stay motivated and on track. There are no limitations and this will spur on your creativity. So don’t forget to change it up and keeps things fresh and exciting.

Happy meal prepping lovelies 💋

Body positive|Featured

I Love My Tiger Stripes



A large percentage of the population is affected by stretch marks, which can appear for various reasons, be it as a result of weight loss or gain, growth spurts or even pregnancy. Men, women and even children can end up having them yet they still have a reputation for being unsightly and unattractive.

I had stretch marks from a very early age due to the constant fluctuations in my weight. I was so embarrassed by them and absolutely hated my stretch marks. I never wore shorts or hit the beach without wearing a sarong or cover-up of sorts. I actually didn’t wear anything sleeveless, because the stretch marks on my arms are super bold and deep.


In 2014 I had plucked up the courage to do a boudoir photo shoot as a gift for my soon-to-be husband and that is where I fell in love with my TIGER STRIPES. Those unedited photos made me feel beautiful and strong. I suspect that the pure magic of the uber talented Julia Janse Van Vuuren played a massive part in me learning to love my body. Assuming she had edited the photos, I remember jokingly saying to her, “You made me look hot!!” to which she replied, “Nope, that’s all you!”. It was music to my ears, heart and soul I tell you. I figure that we are so busy being exceptionally critical of ourselves, that we don’t take the time to realise how remarkably beautiful we are.

Looking hot AF in my boudoir photo shoot

When you love your pics taken by Julia so much, that you end up having a book created

So I went from being the girl who hated her stretch marks, to the woman who absolutely loves her tiger stripes and wears them with pride. For me tiger stripes are a sign of a life lived, a sign of experience, courage and reminders of beautiful moments in my life. They are the most sentimental scars I have, as they are a constant reminder of the two beautiful and precious souls I’ve brought into this world. Tiger stripes are like dope lightning tattoos that give our bodies character and its own uniqueness.

So try to not be phased about something that is so natural! Embrace your body, every inch of it ….. tiger stripes, and all. Afterall they do make you, uniquely you. You are indeed beautiful in the skin you are in.

Now go flaunt that shit, because hey, “why the hell not?”