10 Things to let go of in 2021

2020, the year that had us all hating has finally come to an end. And now that a new year has dawned we are once again filled to the brim with hope, joy and positivity. Today Im sharing 10 things to let go of in 2021.

To move forward, we hope that we have learnt from the abruptness and rudeness of the past year as we try to do it all over again. 2020 was the year we never saw coming and one that truly humbled many of us. It was a year of great loss and sadness, but like all things in life there were lessons to be learnt.

My 2020 Review

Going to keep this short and sweet. 2020 was a phenomenal year for me, with my blog, business and career all thriving. I smashed multiple goals and achieved what I had set out to do. The truth is I do my best work under pressure and in difficult situations. That definitely gave me the edge in 2020.

BUT …. and it’s a big BUT (a lot like my actual butt). Life’s journey isn’t linear and things go wrong. My family took strain and they didn’t cope too well in lockdown.

My son left to go and live with his dad for a few months and that absolutely broke my heart into a million pieces. I honestly don’t know if I will be whole again after the past 6 months.

Clifford and I continue to work on our relationship but for fuck sakes, do relationships have to be such hard work. Then again …

  • Marriage is hard, divorce is hard
  • Obesity is hard, being fit is hard
  • Communicating is hard and not communicating is hard

I guess it comes down to choosing our hard and choosing wisely.

2020 was a rollercoaster of emotions, but I learnt valuable lessons about life and about the people I let into my bubble. I’m upping the anti and ready to bring the heat. Coming up … 10 Things to let go of in 2021 that are sure to help you have a happier 2021.

10 things to let go of in 2021

10 Things to let go of in 2021

  1. Toxic relationships – I came across a cheesy quote yesterday that read, “Don’t be afraid of losing people. Be afraid of losing yourself by trying to please everyone around you”. Enough said!
  2. Anything that doesn’t add value – If Covid has taught us anything it’s that life is too damn short to settle for less. Raise your bar and set boundaries. Be prepared to put the work into relationships that are worth saving.
  3. Forward planning – I can’t believe I just said that. Until Covid is a thing of the past, choose to live in the moment. Having zero expectations in the time of Corona might just mean zero disappointments.
  4. Heartless employers – This might be a toughie considering the current economic situation. As much as I’ve put this out there, it’s not the time to be changing jobs. Bide your time and use 2021 as a year of experience. When life returns to normal (because it will) then look at moving on but always remember that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.
  5. Bad friendships – Not all friendships are created equal. Draw the line with friends who are insecure, jealous and threatened by you. Certain friendships can develop into relationships that bring you more stress than happiness.
  6. Your fears – Living in fear affects your emotional, mental and physical well-being. We often fear the unknown and things that may or may not happen. Allowing our lives to be controlled by fear often means that we miss out on amazing opportunities that are right in front of us.
  7. Things you can’t control – You will find true happiness once you let go of the things you can’t control. Choose wisely how you use your energy and understand that it is time to release the stress.
  8. Your past – Your past is that constant pain in the ass that returns to upset the apple cart. In saying that you are your own worst enemy because you more than likely allow your past to dictate your future. If you have let go of your past, well done you badass!!! You may now move onto the next stage.
  9. Being a workaholic – If you are a workaholic there is a good chance that your are also a control freak. This in turn leads to a heavier workload and more hours on the job. Stress is a major downfall of being a workaholic. You need down time to recharge and reset. You owe it to yourself!
  10. Other people’s actions, choices and lifestyle – Mind your own business; stop being a Karen and stop being a keyboard warrior. If you have a problem with someone raise the issue with that person instead of trashing them on social media.

2021 – More honest, More unfiltered

That in a nutshell is my very unfiltered advice to kick off 2021. I hope that my 10 Things to let go of in 2021 puts a few aspects of your life into perspective. Subscribe to catch more honest and unfiltered moments from Fit Like Mummy.

Stay home & Stay safe

FLM Natasha


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