Award-winning South African blog, Fit Like Mummy ™ is home to the Fearlessly Authentic™.

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Fit Like Mummy ™ was published on the 28th of November 2017. The blog is an unadulterated, no holds barred personal blog written by Natasha Kisten. It was never Natasha’s intention to start a blog, but something that evolved as she found herself and her calling. The fearlessly authentic™ mum and her sons Ashton and Skylar will take you on a journey through life as a South African family. They are crazy, energetic, hilariously funny, kind and brutally honest. Fit Like Mummy ™ is a blog that keeps it real. A blog that is intent on breaking the stereotypes facing all of us on a daily basis. Expect their honest take on their personal failures and successes. Proactive parenting, realistic approach to fitness and health, radical self-love and a platform where they cook up a storm. They are an active, adventuring family constantly finding new and exciting exploits.

The blog encapsulates a life well lived by a bodacious, bad-ass mum who tackles life one day at a time. Living to inspire has become this family’s life-purpose. So much so that what started out as a personal blog has transformed into a platform about community. While the blog is aimed at women, it really is a place for everyone.

The Intent

To empower women to manifest the best version of themselves by finding the fit in all areas of their lives.  The blog focuses on food, fitness, lifestyle, parenting, relationships and so much more.  

The Vision

To help women improve their lives holistically. By creating a body they not only feel good in, but also a body that helps them succeed. Succeed by tackling the emotional, mental and physical demands placed upon them on a daily basis.

The Mission

To provide inspiration, support and develop tools to help women on their journey to living their best lives.  To also be the voice behind so many taboo subjects facing women.