Natasha aka #fitlikemummy is a fit mum and foodie with a zest for life none to other. She loves cooking and it’s her way of expressing her love for the people in her life. The self-proclaimed Queen of Meal Prep and whip up a foddie storm in no time at all.

Natasha faced years of abuse and loss. She was robbed of her voice and forced to live a life of secrets. Now, in her 40’s she has found her voice and won’t be silenced. The motivational speaker is known for her no frills and keeping it real approach. Don’t expect to be coddled, Natasha is wildly popular because she lays it on the line, no mincing words and she will bring you face to face with your truth.

Her Life’s Purpose

Living to inspire has become her life’s purpose, so much so that what started out as just a personal blog has transformed into a community that supports women and children.

The Game-changer

Natasha holds no punches and is hellbent on breaking the stereotypes facing women. The badass blogger and influencer has broken the fitness mould as she continues to challenge the South African fitness industry and its so-called ideals.

The Fearlessly Authentic™️Disruptor

A proudly curvy, potty-mouthed, and tattooed mum of two. Natasha is a female disruptor whose passion, vision, focus, compassion, determination and burning desire is to help women unleash their full potential.