THE cricut joy REVIEW – IS IT REALLY YOUR DIY best friend?`

I've been scrapbooking and crafting for over a decade, but almost everything has been done with a pair of scissors. I've dreamt of owning a Cricut cutting machine and last week a surprise delivery had me dancing with joy. The Cricut Joy arrived! You see what I did...

Loving your mom bod – It’s time to learn to accept yourself and your body

As women we are our own worst enemies. Over critical and judgy AF, then throw having babies into the mix and we end up with a mixed bag. A lack of confidence, negativity and poor body image. Granted, there are a handful of women who continue to love their bodies...

Our budget travel tips – How do we travel as often as we do?

Okay, so I need to admit that we are obsessed with travelling and exploring South Africa. As a result we make it a point to travel as often as possible. Exploring exotic places doesn’t have to cost a fortune and you certainly don’t need to win the lottery to travel...

Earth Day 2021 – It’s time to Restore Our Earth

Today is Earth Day 2021 with the theme being "Restore Our Earth". The focus pays special attention to natural processes, emerging green technologies and innovative thinking. All of which can hopefully restore the world’s ecosystems. As cheesy as it may sound, together...

Asthma crisis facing children in Africa – Caring for children with asthma

Every child deserves to breathe easy, but the harsh reality is that there's an asthma crisis facing children in Africa.  Approximately 50 million children under the age of 15 live with asthma in sub-Saharan Africa.  Majority of whom are said to live in South Africa,...

Teen Suicide Prevention Week – Talk, Listen & Connect

Teen Suicide Prevention Week runs between 14 and 21 February 2021. The aims to raise awareness especially around teen Depression. The topic is exceptionally close to our hearts and we are determined to break the silence and help those who continue to live in the...

Love is the air – Self Acceptance = Self Love

Love is in the air this month, but before you love anyone else ... you need to first love yourself. To truly love yourself you will first need to accept yourself. Self Acceptance = Self Love Self-love, defined as "love of self" or "regard for one's own happiness or...

Veganuary Day 31 – I made it

31 January 2021 - Day 31 and I can't believe I managed an entire month. Mid December I signed up and took the pledge to participate in a worldwide initiative called Veganuary. This highly successful campaign sees people around the world pledge to adopt a vegan or...

John Dory’s Veganuary Menu

Over the past few years, the month of January has become synonymous with people around the world pledging to eat vegan food for a month. A United Kingdom non-profit organisation runs the annual Veganuary challenge. The aim is to promote and educates people about...

Vegan Spicy Cottage Pie Recipe – Veganuary 2021

Today marks 14 days of my Veganuary 2021 journey. I have to admit that I expected this to be an extremely difficult journey but I've been pleasantly surprised. However there have been 2 teeny-weeny incidents. Today I'm sharing my Veganuary 2021 experience as well as a...

Who is

Fit Like Mummy TM

a.k.a. Natasha kisten

Natasha a.k.a #fitlikemummy is a fit mum and foodie with a zest for life none to other. She loves cooking and it’s her way of expressing her love for the people in her life. The self-proclaimed Queen of Meal Prep can whip up a foodie storm in record time.

Natasha faced years of abuse and loss. She was robbed of her voice and forced to live a life of secrets. Now, in her 40’s she has found her voice and won’t be silenced any longer. The motivational speaker is known for her no frills and hard hitting approach to life. Don’t expect to be coddled as Natasha is wildly popular for laying it on the line, with a non holds barred approach to life as she brings you face to face with your truth.

Her Life’s Purpose

Living to inspire has become her life’s purpose, so much so that what started out as just a personal blog has transformed into a community that supports women and children.

The Game-changer

Natasha holds no punches and is hellbent on breaking the stereotypes facing women and children. The badass, award-winning blogger and influencer has broken the fitness mold by continuously challenging the South African fitness industry and its so-called ideals and standards.

The Fearlessly Authentic ® Disruptor

A proudly curvy, potty-mouthed, and tattooed mum of two. Natasha is a female disruptor whose passion, vision, focus, compassion, determination and burning desire is to help women and children unleash their full potential.

“Life happens when you are busy making plans …”

… and that is pretty much how the blog Fit Like Mummy™ came about. The blog is a peak into our Fearlessly Authentic® lives. We are a family all about authenticity, who strongly believes in putting actions behind the words you read here. Fit Like Mummy™ has always been a gamechanger and disruptor. Home to the Fearlessly Authentic® and safe haven willing to speak for the unspoken.

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